Fast Tips to Improve Your Content in Seconds

Grab Attention and Engage your Target Market with DIY Copywriting

Do you write your own content? As a small business owner just starting out, you probably create all of your marketing and sales materials, website copy, emails, and more.

You know that a professional copywriter can make a huge difference in writing “copy that sells” to boost sales and awareness and give your business a competitive edge. But, this is an added expense you just can’t afford right now.

I get it.

As a small business owners who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I know how it is. That’s why I’m giving you a few quick tips to improve your content to get the best results possible for now.

Put these into action to increase your bottom line. Then, you can hire a pro to take over your writing tasks so you can focus on your core business responsibilities.

5 Fast and Simple Tips to Improve Your Content to Engage Customers Now

1. Use Action Verbs.

Add instant oomph to your content by replacing all of your verbs in past tense (went, bought, found, shopped, purchased, etc.) with those in the current tense (go, buy, find, shop, purchase, etc.).

2. Remove the “We” Language.

If you notice that your content includes the word “We” an awful lot, get rid of it! (I call these “We” sites) Change it to “You” and you’ll instantly be talking about your customers instead of focusing on yourself.

3. Talk about Benefits and Not Features.

No one cares about the consistency of the lead in the pencil that you sell or that it is yellow. Instead, talk about how the pencil can write upside down and underwater, how it’s small enough to carry with you anywhere you go… you get the picture.

4. What’s In It for Your Customers?

When writing, constantly think about your audience. What value are they getting out of what you’re writing? Are they really going to care about that paragraph you just wrote?

5. Check Spelling and Grammar.

This is obvious. But, you’re busy, and simple mistakes can make it to the printer or online. Take the time to proofread your work… or have someone read your content to check for errors before it goes live.

Make a Great First Impression that Leads to Sales

When starting a business, you will probably write your sales and marketing materials. While this may not be your main area of expertise, you still need to make a good, first impression. Otherwise, you can easily lose new customers to the competition.

To avoid this, follow the simple tips above. Your content may not be at the level of a professional, but at least you can provide the best content possible until you can afford a good copywriter.

What does your content look like right now?

Author Melanie Rembrandt helps business owners boost sales, awareness and credibility with a killer combination of targeted, SEO copywriting, content-marketing strategy, public relations, and social media. Do you want to save time and money and get great results? Check out her “Simplify Your Business” podcast here, and contact her and her team at Rembrandt Communications®, LLC,

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