It’s a New Year: Revamp Your Business Image

Let’s face it image counts for a lot. Lots of us care about our labels and where things come from. Who doesn’t dream of traveling to the best places? If you love to shop then NYC, London and Milan are going to ring bells. If you going to be in business, wouldn’t you rather it was the best? And, if you are hoping people will do business with you, wouldn’t you like to offer them real quality? So, it makes sense for you to make your business the best it can be. Focusing on three main areas, here are some sound ways to revamp your business image.

Take a look at yourself. First thing in the morning excluded, this is about the way you interact with your customers. How do you see yourself for example when faced with a room full of people? If the idea makes you shudder you would not be alone. But, great people and communication skills will let people see that you are sincere and that you know what you’re talking about.

If you feel uncertain in this area, get some help to brush up your public speaking skills. Why not attend Toastmasters or seminars that can prune your skills? Learning to interact with people confidently will help you raise your business profile. It will also give you a great excuse to think about the image you project. You are after all the face of your business. Start to act like you mean it.

Take a good look at your written communication skills. More than ever these are necessary in today’s cyber world. Every communication, from emails to text messages should be well written and effective. This should also extend to your main public brand image, your website.

Get your website a serious makeover. Take a good hard look at the image and the messages you are sending to your customers. Could it be simpler? Could it be clearer? Could it be classier? As a rule of thumb, go for simplicity. It wins hands down every time over pages and pages of noise and poor graphics. Use a website designer to revamp if necessary. Simplify and clarify. Check that your copy is inviting and your images are top-drawer high-resolution pictures that draw you in. Attach your email address to your domain name.

Location, location, location.
Get yourself set up with a virtual office in a prestigious location. Who wouldn’t want to trade with a company overlooking Central Park or in London? You’ll have a postal address and even a phone service that can act for you in a professional manner. These locations carry prestige. Your Virtual Office London can set you up with all the services you need to establish a premium address for your business.

It will pay you well to think about small flourishes that can add real value to your image. Use quality paper and card for letters and business cards, both of which can carry your premium address. The great wonder of today’s business world means that you can have virtual locations in these cities for a tiny fraction of the cost of real estate.

Being in business today is exciting and incredibly rewarding. Those companies who stand out as offering a little more class and quality set themselves apart. Why not make yourself one of them?

Photo by Freddie Marriage

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