If you are an entrepreneur, then you already know this is not a road for the weak at heart. You must remain inspired and focused. Sometimes you may even wonder if it is really worth all the hard work. The answer is yes. Don’t give up.

It’s been exactly one year since I boarded the plane to LA, most anxious to finally meet Ms. Oprah Winfrey in person! The next set of butterflies came with knowing I would be covering the Red Carpet event to gather inspirational tips for women who could not attend. It is amazing how our mind goes wild with thoughts, both exciting and nervous when a dream is just hours away. Just imagine if we knew a year in advance?

Even as I write, the feeling I had from the time I went to the OWN Lounge to meet her team for the very first time still remains the same, gratitude, excitement, and joy. That entire trip was so beautiful that it took forever to process. Literally. Not only did I get to meet an amazing family of ambassadors face to face, but we were greeted with surprise after surprise the entire weekend. After having lunch with Ms. Winfrey, the message that I was left with is: *It’s Possible*, when you believe, any and everything you could ever dream is possible. Not only can it be achieved but also God will take your desires and multiply them beyond comprehension. Oprah, her team, and our family of ambassadors were so genuine, humble, and beaming like electric light bulbs.

While I arrived in LA just praying that nothing happened before I could finally meet Oprah, I left with so much clarity that it was overwhelming.   Think higher, walk taller, and do the work, because *it is possible*. Stop dreaming small, because *it’s possible*. Stop giving yourself excuses because *it’s possible. * Tap into your highest potential and make it happen, because *it is possible*. Face your greatest fears because *it’s possible*. Forgive those who have hurt you because *it’s possible*. Focus on who you want to become instead of who others may have labeled you to be, because *it is possible.* Admit what hurts, and deal with it, so you can move on to *your possible*. Believe you are worth every dream in your heart and know you are capable, because *it is possible*. While I was a bit emotional and teary eyed when Oprah came and sat next to me at our table, I thought it would settle after a while. Even a year later, I get emotional. Not because I can’t believe it, but because I do believe and because I know that *all things are possible*.

I am so honored that God used Oprah to affirm that message for me because it gave me the courage to put 100% trust in the desire of my heart and the guidance from my soul and pause to embrace the shift that was occurring in my journey. It feels amazing to finally know without a doubt that I was not placed on this earth to simply build my dreams but to help others build theirs. My shift has allowed me to reposition to do so and I truly hope that someone else will be inspired to keep dreaming and building from the inside out. This has been a year of obedience and doing the work, but it has truly paid off.

With love and gratitude beyond measure,

Tierra Destiny Reid


TDR-HeadShot-Orange450x350Tierra Destiny Reid is known for thinking outside of the box! With over 15 years in the retail industry, Tierra has a unique approach that combines best practice corporate strategies with small business customer service and relationships.  She is the President of TDR Brands International and holds the position of Executive Director for The Retail Campus™, continuing education for retail store owners, retail vendors, and aspiring retail and fashion entrepreneurs.   Once a year she hosts the Design Your Destiny Conference for Women, which combines her love for education and empowering entrepreneurs. In her spare time she loves traveling with her family and says the Grand Canyon tops all of her trips to date, including international vacations, because of the magnitude and depth of its beauty and spiritual essence

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