What are You Worth?

You’re passionate about your work and you’re always looking for opportunities to acquire new skills. So, when the boss offers you a new position and the job title is less than attractive, what can you do?

“Don’t go for the title, make sure the job adds to your toolkit,” says Meg Newman, SVP of HR for HD Supply. Your responsibilities and purpose within the company should take precedent over a job title.

Data from PINK’s Spring into Ownership event shows that most women agree. Seventy-nine percent of attendees said their title is the least important professionally, after sense of purpose, flexibility, money and job security.

The new job should not only add another line to your resume, but add to your skills as well. Also, don’t do it if you are just in it for the money, says Associated Content.

Often, a prospective employer may let you renegotiate your job title if it’s important to your career.

Whether you’re an owner or a supervisor, job titles might be important to your employees. It’s OK to adjust titles as long as they are simple and clearly reflect what people do, says Allbusiness.com.

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By Muriel Vega

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be
happy to live with all your life.” Golda Meir

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