Juliet Huddy – Co-Host of FOX's Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

Juliet Huddy

Foxy Lady: Juliet Huddy, the co-host of FOX’s upcoming Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, talks about embarking on her dream job.

By Sarah Dowdey

Named Television’s Sexiest Newswoman in 2005, FOX anchor Juliet Huddy will showcase her fun-loving side on her new daily program, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, premiering January 22, 2007. She began her FOX career as a correspondent for the Miami bureau of FOX News. But she felt uncomfortable in the traditional hard news format and soon transitioned into talk shows.

Huddy broke from the whirlwind of rehearsals and promo shoots to speak with PINK about the new show, a collaboration with longtime co-host Mike Jerrick. She describes the scene as “utter chaos but good chaos.”

PINK: How will your new morning show differ from its competitors – the extended Today show and Live with Regis and Kelly?
Juliet Huddy: I know this sounds predictable, but we are not going to be anything like those shows. Mike Jerrick and I will just be ourselves and let viewers into our lives. Mike and I have worked together for years, and we hang out all the time. We’re really best friends – we talk about life, love, relationships, anything, even “Hey, Mike, what kind of car should I buy?” We cover all aspects of our lives together and will bring that closeness to the show. I’m not sure if the producers like this, but I keep describing the show as Mike and I hanging out, but live action with humor and education.

PINK: What was your biggest career challenge?
J.H.: The hardest part has been trying to figure out my shtick – the place where my personality and talents fit. I’ve worked locally as a reporter and as an anchor, and it always seemed like I never quite fit in with the traditional format. Despite my background and experience, people sometimes think I come across as too light, fluffy or wacky for hard news. The new show’s format will take advantage of my strengths.

PINK: What do you consider the secret of your professional success?
J.H.: Whenever kids in college ask, “How did you get where you are?”, I say I gave up a lot. I moved away from my family and had to be away from them on holidays. I had to leave a couple of relationships. But I knew that if I committed myself to my career, it would turn out OK; there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. This is everything I’ve always dreamed of. I’m at the light – which I could be mistaking for dying!

PINK: What advice would you give our readers?
J.H.: It’s schmaltzy but it’s my mantra: Be true to yourself. Even when execs told me to conform, I said, “No, I can’t, that’s not who I am.” I’ll do what I do because it’s what makes me happy. I’ve never strayed from that. I’ve never tried to be more serious or formal. The day I met Mike, it totally changed my life because I met someone who was like me, someone who didn’t fit into the hard news environment. We’re two peas in a pod.

PINK: How did you react to being named Television’s Sexiest Newswoman in 2005 by Steppin’ Out?
J.H.: You can tell by watching me that I don’t take myself that seriously. Of course I like to dress up and look nice, so I was flattered, but it was really pretty funny. I don’t want to say I’m a tomboy, but I don’t feel comfortable trying to be the sexpot. I got the raised eyebrow from some people who were like, “This is the news – you’re not supposed to be sexy.” But hey, I’m 37, I’ll take it.

PINK: What is the most innovative reporting you’ve done?
J.H.: Oh, God, I don’t know if I can pick out one specific thing. But being in New York after 9/11 [hosting the morning show FOX and Friends] and speaking with the widows, family members and victims – that was humbling. But I couldn’t quite keep it together; that’s another reason why I feel like I don’t quite fit into the straight news format.

PINK: What’s a mistake you won’t make twice?
J.H.: Where do I begin! I have more than a few times tried to lighten things up with sexual innuendoes – sometimes it doesn’t come off so well. And of course I’ve had some of those moments where you gasp as you hear yourself saying something inappropriate. I was interviewing somebody whose family member had been beheaded, and as I was talking about a story written about it, I made a comment like, “Heads are gonna roll.” I gasped on air as I said it.

PINK: When you’re not working, what do you do to relax? I hear you like karaoke.
J.H.: Yes, but I’m not good at it. I’m a total nerd. My favorite song is Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” I once sang Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” on air, and the next night [Comedy Central’s TV host] Stephen Colbert was mocking my rendition. My boyfriend is on the road constantly and in Africa a lot. I like to hang out with my friends and go to the local cafes and drinking establishments.

PINK: What are your New Year’s resolutions?
J.H.: The same one everyone always has: to work out. But I’m committed to it this year. I’d also like to spend time with my family and get married, although I can’t really completely control that one.

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