Keeping Your Business Premises More Secure

In the past, we have written fairly extensively on the subjects of protecting your business from cyber-attacks and keeping your data safe. Today, we are going to cover simple ways to secure your physical assets.

Use security signage. Our first suggestion is really cheap and easy to implement. You just need to go online and order employees only signs, CCTV, beware of the dog, 24-hour security and alarm signs. Studies show that putting up these kinds of signs is enough to put most potential thieves off. Interestingly, you do not necessarily need to have an actual alarm or a CCTV system installed. Many thieves will still see the signs and not bother to investigate whether these security devices are actually in use. Instead, they will just move on to a target that looks easier.

Restrict access. Stopping people who do not belong there from getting in and moving freely around your business premises is also important. There are lots of potential ways to do this.

Use ID badges. One way of doing this is to issue ID badges to everyone. You can order what you need from an online printing firm.

Or, if you have a big workforce, print your own. To do this, you will need to buy a special printer and ID card blanks. If you do go down this route, make sure that the printer is stored somewhere secure.

The file used to print the design onto the plastic cards also needs to be encrypted and password protected. Ideally, access should only be possible using a two-factor authentication process or a U2F key. Taking this approach ensures that potential burglars cannot hack your system and gain access to your ID card template. If they do that, they can easily create a fake card and gain entry that way.

Consider investing in a door entry system. If you can afford to do so install some sort of door entry system. Doing this opens up the chance for you to use chipped ID cards. Each one is programmed to allow employees access to your premises. This approach stops people from making an ID card that looks close enough to the ones you use to gain access. To get in they will need to know the pin or have a chip incorporated into the ID card. A chip that is programmed to enable them to access each area of your business.

It also opens up the opportunity for you to restrict entry to a select few for certain areas. So, if you want to, you can keep junior staff away from your sensitive data or equipment.

Use good locks and security doors. There is no point in locking up your business premises if the locks you have installed are flimsy. A determined thief will get past them in less than a minute.

The same is true if your door is made of flimsy material. It is all too easy to kick in a panel that is only one layer thick. Use the advice that has been shared by a professional locksmith, to choose the right locks and doors for your business.

Consider installing shutters too. For extra security, consider fitting your windows and doors with lockable shutters. They are very effective. Breaking through one takes time and makes a lot of noise. Alarmed shutters give you time to get to your premises and stop a break-in from progressing.

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