Life Balance -€“ The Myth

This August, Campbell Soup Company COO Denise Morrison becomes the iconic brand’s first female CEO.

Heading up a multi-billion dollar company with 18,000 employees and products sold in more than 100 countries seems like it won’t leave much room for Life/Work balance – but Morrison isn’t worried.

 Why not?

“I don’t believe in Life/Work balance – to me, that implies a perfect equilibrium,” Morrison tells PINK. “Instead, I [aim for] Life/Work integration.”

She may be on to something. Experts say – especially for women trying to be good wives, mothers and business leaders all at once – beating ourselves up for

not feeling “balanced” is the last thing we need.

“We’re all so busy today and so connected that we have to find a way to integrate our careers with our family life and other interests,” says the mother of two. “It’s challenging, but I know it can be done.”

Adjusting standards to give yourself a break and not being afraid to set boundaries and stick to them results in an added sense of control, if not balance.

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By Caroline Cox

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but
a manner of traveling.” Margaret Lee Runbeck

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