Making Yourself a More Attractive Prospect for Employers

Whether you’re looking to move onto bigger and better things or you’re trying to get back on the career ladder, you need to impress employers. This is not always as easy as it sounds though. Employers are always looking for the best and brightest people in the job market. And you have to work hard to make yourself stand out from all the other people who are looking for a job. The tips below will all help you to make yourself into a more attractive prospect for employers looking to hire.

Organize Your CV and CPD
The two things that you should prepare in advance of applying for a job or meeting an employer are your CV and CPD. Your CV lists all your past education and work experiences. It shouldn’t be more than a page long, but it should pack in a lot of relevant information. Focus on the things that matter most. Let’s face it; most employers don’t care if you enjoy hiking, so you can minimize the personal interests section. The CPD, or continuing professional development, is a portfolio that documents all the skills and knowledge you have. CPD Safe can help you organize this.

Present Yourself Well
When you meet a potential employer for the first time, you want to make the right first impressions. By ensuring that you are well-presented, you will be able to do that. Of course, first impressions aren’t everything. And there are many other things that employers take into account. But they will hold onto those first impressions they get. This is human nature; we can’t help but be affected by our first impressions of a person. If you show up, and you’re not dressed well, and you don’t look calm or in control, then you won’t look like the kind of person they want to employ.

Show Strong References
Employers tend to ask for references when you apply for a job. So, why not have these ready in advance? By doing this, you won’t have to scrabble around contacting past employers asking for references. Instead, you can have the references ready for your potential new employer to view. And make sure that you give them up to date contact details for each referee too. They usually won’t contact a referee directly. But, it’s important to make sure that you give them that option in case they do want to.

Provide Examples of Past Work
If you can provide tangible examples of past work that you have done for other companies, it will show what you’re capable of. That’s important because employers like to be able to see hard evidence. If you are not capable of showing them work that you have done in the past, then it will be harder for them to trust that you are as good as you say. So, throughout your career, make sure that you keep copies of any work you do. Obviously, how you choose to do this will depend on the kind of job you do. But make sure you do it because it’s something employers really care about.

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