Making your MCAT Experience Less Stressful

If you are going down the route of medical school, one of the most stressful experiences within that time frame will be taking your MCAT’s.  The top medical schools look for the best grades since it’s so competitive out there.  This can put you under a lot of pressure, which can result in you not performing as well as you can.  We have put a list together of ways that you can make taking your MCAT’s less stressful.

Prepare a Checklist
You always feel more control when you are organised.  A good idea is to make a checklist of things you need to do when it comes to studying for your MCAT’s.  When you tick things off as you go, it can make the whole experience a little less overwhelming for you.  You will feel a great sense of release when everything on your list is checked off.

Work on the Rest of Your Application
Although MCAT’s are incredibly important – they are only part of your application to medical school.  If you have everything else in order, you will feel much better about where you are.  You can do things such as make sure you have your recommendation letters in place, and work with your reference on how to make them personalised and stand out, or you could work on your extra-curricular activity portfolio.  Once you feel organised, and that you have other things completed – it will give you more focus on your MCAT’s.

Do Your Prep
It goes without saying, but it’s essential you continue to study well in advance. You could create a study schedule to stick to, that way you have dedicated time aside for it. You could also utilise the many prep courses that are available. For example, Princeton Review have a number of different programs to choose from which range from small group classes to online classrooms. You can find a lot more information about this on TestStudyGuides who have a very useful review on the courses, tests and books on offer.

Don’t Forget to Eat
When people feel stressed, usually one of the first things that happen is they forget to eat.  This has a negative effect overall, as you then won’t have the energy to study and prepare.  Make sure you eat a healthy and nutritious diet in the lead up to your MCATs’ – so you are feeling as fresh as possible. You want to make sure you are in the best frame of mind when hitting the books.

Take Time for You
Although it’ necessary you do as much preparation as possible, don’t forget to take time out for yourself.  Go on a spa day, schedule in time for a favourite hobby – if you are constantly studying and worrying – it will only increase your stress levels.  Make sure you have some “me time” in place before your exams. 

Of course, you may never be able to fully alleviate your stress in the lead up to the MCAT’s – but hopefully by taking some of these points onboard, it can help you feel a little bit more in control.

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