Marketing a Company Culture Through Office Space

Designing cosmetics, labels, marketing campaigns,
and now chic offices—oh boy!

Founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, Too Faced Cosmetics has become one of the top privately-owned cosmetic companies in the U.S. Blessed by entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm that is rightly contagious, they are known for their pink curtains and office space, aka The Glam Factory, where model campaigns are shot, video cameras capture their beauty education, and host press events. Having only started with one credit card, Blandino’s makeup kit and dream, both strategically used their backgrounds to solidify their future. Whether it was Blandino’s demanding clientele or Johnson’s stepping stones with Armani, Chanel, and Estee Lauder, these men of smarts set to offer foolproof makeup that allow real women to become as gorgeous as they dare to dream.

Today, Blandino and Johnson, together with their staff of 80 sit on piles of plush pink splendor as they admire their revamped Glam Factory that truly speaks to their culture. Editor Mavian Arocha-Rowe got a chance to ask their president, Lynda Berkowitz, about their latest designing spaces, and how this translates to marketing and sales.

Q: Do you believe the success of your revamped offices will pave the way of your cosmetic company toward another level?
A: Success is often in the details. The majority of our work is very creative, so revamping our offices was a simple, economical-yet-effective way of inspiring our teams. In order to create products, packaging and strategy that reflect our brand, it helps when our surroundings most accurately reflect the same image.

: How does your new space correlate to your packaging and brand voice?
A: Our packaging and brand voice evoke a type of timeless femininity that transcends trend. We wanted our new space to impart that essence—and it does—with softer shades of pink, green and golden, elegant European-inspired details often found within our packaging.

: How do your new walls, fresh paint, and sassy furniture encourage your team to sell and market more?
A: We always sell and market more than we did the day before. That said; we are extremely fortunate to work for one of the most fun, flirtatious, feminine brands in the world. Despite this, it is still a business we work hard for and take seriously. Updating our office with new paint and antique furniture helps us stay motivated and aware of the heart of who we are.

: What makes working at Too Faced the ideal company to work with; in other words, how do you sell and market yourselves to potential employees?
A: As far as cosmetics companies go, we are one of the few that are privately-owned, and have two original owners, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who are incredibly, very much involved in the day-to-day work. Despite the formality of our business, every person on our team has a voice and a tremendous influence on our direction. This type of family-like collaboration makes us a better brand and creates one of the most enriching professional environments I’ve ever experienced.

: What are your current sales and marketing goals and what is your plan of action?
A: Over the past three years, we’ve experienced absolute tremendous growth. We plan to continue that pace by sharing new innovation with our clients and continuing to expand internationally. In terms of sales, marketing and education, we are elevating our teams and becoming more integrated into the vision of our retailers and distributors in order to better meet the needs of those who are interfacing with our clients on a daily basis.


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