Miracle Miles

Dana Humphrey, owner of WhitegatePR, says running has connected her to “a whole new circle of colleagues, workout partners and friends.”

“Sometimes meetings with other entrepreneurs are runs in Central Park.”

Alongside yoga, everyone seems to have taken up running for a cause, waking up every other Saturday morning at 6am to run a 5K for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, you name it.

But, what if you could run on your own time and appease your inner philanthropist?

Courtesy of a $1 million purse from corporate backers like Promax Nutrition and the United Nations Foundation, the new app, Charity Miles lets you earn cash for nonprofits around the world by running, biking, walking – even Zumba-ing.

And, the more you push yourself the bigger donor you become.

You have the option to choose from an extensive list of notable charities, including Feeding America, Every Mother Counts and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Every time you do the activity, the program tracks your miles and donates accordingly; and, women like Humphrey doing business on the run can also track their charitable impact.

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure… and improved health?

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Do you run for charity?

By L. Nicole Williams

Nicole is the Editor at Little PINK Book. Follow her on Twitter @iamnicwill.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

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