Moving Abroad: Ultimate Tips To Prepare For A New Life In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, renowned for its amazing weather, natural lifestyle, and fantastic food. And, it’s a big draw for people all over the world. In January of last year, there were well over 5 million foreign nationals living in Italy from all four corners of the globe. The big question is: Could you become one of them? If you are tempted to work and live in Italy, there are a few things you should know about first. We’re going to talk you through some of the key points in this guide.

Get a Job
If you are moving to Italy for work purposes, this will be taken care of, of course. However, if you are just going for a lifestyle choice, make sure you have some idea of the opportunities available to you. There is a lot of unemployment in Italy – particularly in the south. You have to weigh up your ability to find work as a foreigner and ask yourself whether you will be able to afford a move. Even if you have plenty of savings, it can go quickly. You might need a visa, too – depending on where you are moving from. They can be hard to get, which will stifle your chances of getting work.

Understand the Culture
Italy has a long and glorious history, and a lot of European culture started in the region thousands of years ago. But, that doesn’t make it the same experience as living in London, or Paris. It is essential that you understand what to expect before moving there. Culture shock is a genuine problem for anyone emigrating to another country. And, when it comes to Italy, you have regional differences to consider, too. Living in Venice, say, is a vastly different experience to living in the south. And, even next-door provinces can have substantial divides.

Get to Know the Language
The regional divides in Italy also mean you will need to be careful when learning the language. A tutor from your home nation can help you with the basics, of course. But, we firmly recommend that you learn the dialects of the region you intend to work and live.

Learn About Local Amenities
You should also get to know about local amenities before moving to any foreign country, and it’s no different for Italy. Get an overview of the rental market, and find out how much utility bills will cost you. A quick look at the Coops catalog – one of Italy’s cooperative stores – will tell you about the cost of food. You will need to learn about medical insurance, and find out about tax rates, too. There will be a lot to learn before you even book your flight!

Finally, make sure you visit the area you will move to before making your decision. It sounds obvious, sure. But, many people are happy to go somewhere for work without understanding what they are letting themselves in for. As lovely as it might sound, you just can’t make a decision based on a website description or the local tourist information board. You have to get out there and experience it for yourself, first.

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