Need a Sales Boost This Month?

Communication Ideas to Acquire New Customers

Yes, it’s July and the summer sun is calling. But, that’s no reason to stop pursuing new customers… especially if your numbers aren’t looking so great and you need to boost sales.

There are plenty of customers out there who need your services… so why isn’t your phone ringing?

Well, you may be too close to your business to see obvious issues. For example…

• Do potential customers even know you exist?
• Do they know everything you have to offer them?
• Do they know why they should choose your products and services over the competition?

If you aren’t sure about these answers, have a friend or associate outside of your company review your website and marketing materials. Then, listen carefully to their feedback… the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you don’t like the answers, try these…

Communications Ideas to Jumpstart Sales

• Act differently.

If you’ve been doing the same marketing year after year and expecting different results, they say that’s the definition of insanity! Instead, it’s time to create new ideas and act on them.

Stop listening to the naysayers who demolish your great ideas before you can pursue them! (For inspiration, check out the stories behind Good Humor Ice Cream, Thomas Edison, Dr. Shirley Jackson, Mária Telkes , and more!)

Success comes from being able to stand out from others with unique messaging. That’s why it’s important to spend some time thinking about why your business is different and how you solve customer problems.

Once you know this, you can develop messaging that really resonates with your target market. If you’re stumped on what to do, look at what your competition does and do the opposite!

• Test new mediums.

Try new things to boost sales

Try new things to boost sales!

There is no reason to spend a fortune on new marketing strategies. To reduce expense and risk, try different types of messaging using various mediums in small batches.

For example, create a new email series, social media campaign, direct mail piece, press release, newsletter, or other form of communication and track the results. If it doesn’t work, try changing the verbiage or media venue and test it again.

This is an ongoing process that helps you target exactly what your customers want without wasting resources.

• Follow up.

Do you follow up with customers and ask them for feedback, referrals and more throughout the year?

What about birthday, anniversary and special holiday promotions just to let them know that you care?

People like to do business with others whom they know and trust so if you don’t have these communications in place, it’s time to get going.

After all, this is just a matter of picking up the phone, sending out an email or writing a quick note. These are simple gestures that are extremely cost-effective and help you build valuable, long-term relationships with customers now and in the future!

New Customers Are Out There.

You probably hear doom-and-gloom stories via the news, industry websites, co-workers, and more on a regular basis. And the fact that your sales numbers are dismal doesn’t help.

But that’s no reason to stop pursuing new sales. Instead, take a positive approach!

Your sales can rise significantly in the next few weeks. Create fresh, new ideas to promote your unique qualities and all the benefits you offer to solve customer problems. Then, communicate these messages via different mediums in test batches to see what works best.

Are you ready to hear your phone ring more and boost sales?

Author Melanie Rembrandt is an award-winning publicist, sought-after speaker and content strategy expert who helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs have more time to thrive! If you want to boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, SEO copywriting and public relations, visit Rembrandt Communications,


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