Four Walls of Inspiration

In the heat of summer, long days at work can take a toll on anyone’s normally sunny outlook. Even yours! This upcoming long weekend (Happy 4th of July!) presents the perfect chance to reinvigorate your workspace. The best way to start? A fresh coat of paint!

Those who view their work environment in a positive light are naturally happier while on the job. A recent survey found that only 11 percent of workers enjoyed office walls covered in white or beige, while 88 percent agreed that more vibrant colors would improve their energy levels and productivity.

Don’t let the large selection of paint colors at do-it-yourself repair stores overwhelm you. The Home Depot now offers paint by Martha Stewart Living in 280 colors, and you can coordinate them easily by matching the symbols on the top of the cards. She’s even compiled helpful checklists – one on supplies and another on room-prep – to make your office painting go as smooth as possible.

Not sure what color to pick? Find out what each color means, from red’s high energy to blue’s confidence, and use this paint calculator to determine the gallons of paint you will need to purchase for your office.

Stuck in a cubicle? Liven up your personal space by adding pictures of family or friends in different frame colors or a favorite paper weight.

By Jennifer Gambrell

“I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life,
wherever you are.” Diane von Furstenberg

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