Offline Marketing Is Dead; Long Live Online Marketing

You would have to be a serious hibernator to dispute the digital age has changed everything about the way we live life and do business, especially from a marketing angle. But while online marketing has become the quarterback for most businesses over the past five years or so, there are some seriously tip top offline strategies that can play a long-lasting and important role in your branding.

Put it this way; a social media post has a lifespan of around forty minutes. That’s it. A branded water bottle, however, that will last until it is dropped and smashed (aka forever).

What we are trying to say in a roundabout way is this: your online marketing approaches need to be supported by offline efforts. And to help you get the best out of this, we have come up with a list of the best offline strategies for you to get stuck into.

Trade Shows
The chance to network with other industry leaders and, better yet, potential clients is what makes attending trade shows an absolute must. It isn’t just about the face-to-face networking, though, it is also about print marketing. It is about using pull-up banners made on big print large format printers to grab people’s eye. It is about handing out branded merch that will get the word out there. Coffee mugs in offices, water bottles in the hands of park runners and bookmarks in libraries. Yeah, trade shows basically offer you a plethora of marketing opportunities.

Business Cards
Too many people think that the age of business cards has come and gone. Well, we don’t believe that for an instant. In fact, we would put them at the top of the list for the fact they are a great way to save money and yet have an incredible ability to find their way into the right person’s hand. You can give them to neighbors, put them on supermarket bulletin boards, leave them at doctor’s offices or throw them down a stairwell at a busy retail park; they will get read, stored in wallets and handed to people that may be interested.

Community Events
Everyone in business knows that an existing customer is much more valuable than a new customer because they are more likely to be loyal. Well, those in your local community are going to be your most loyal of all, which is why you should build a personal bond with them at every opportunity. Offer your products or services as a prize at a local fete, get involved in a fundraising event by signing up to that charity bike ride and sponsor the local girl’s soccer team. Anything that is going to get your business into the local community will be worth it.

Snail Mail
Whilst the age of email marketing is still thriving, physical mail is still an incredible way of getting your brand out there. Yes, it costs more and the chance to collect data isn’t available, but if you use snail mail alongside your email campaigns then you’ll stand out from the crowd. Pop a little voucher, coupon or sample into your physical mail and you’ll be onto an absolute winner in terms of engagement too.

Basically, what you need to remember is this: offline marketing is dead; long live online marketing.

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