Peggy Kostial, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Margaret A. (Peggy) Kostial, a senior managing director with Accenture, has often heard the rumors of women not helping other women. But her experience has been quite the contrary. Getting feedback from a variety of perspectives and opinions has proved to be rewarding for the leader who makes befriending other professional women a priority.

Kostial heads Business Portfolio Growth and Sales for Accenture’s Resourcing Operating Group, a $6.7 billion entity that focuses on the Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemicals, Metals, Mining, Energy Consumer and Utilities industries.

She was previously a managing director, leading Accenture’s North America Energy Practice.  Assuming the role in late 2005, Kostial held this position for seven years. During that time the practice enjoyed a 28 percent compounded annual growth rate – making it one of the largest and most successful industry practices within the firm.

What’s the secret sauce to her success?

“It is extremely important to have a strong professional network – both within your company and externally,” Kostial tells PINK. “It is crucial for a network to be diverse, that is, inclusive of women and men; subordinates, peers and superiors; and multi-national, if the opportunity exists.”

Some of her colleagues have been become dear friends, too.

“I have a group of about six women in Houston who are great friends,” she says. Despite busy schedules, they set aside time for fun together.

Kostial sees the networking glass half full.

“For me, it is energy I want to spend to have people I know and like around me.  It is one and the same as my friendship network – it just happens that I interact professionally with some of the people.”

She credits her positive, go-getter approach to the wisdom of her mother.

“You only get what you give, so the more energy you put toward excellent relationships the more excellent relationships you will have.”

Kostial is a magna cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Mathematics and a concentration in Chemistry.


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