Penelope Prett, Managing Director, Global Technology Offering Development, Accenture

Rising star, Penelope Prett, knows the importance of trusting yourself and learning to learn along the way.

“In whatever form it comes, I’ve always tried to embrace the new,” Prett tells PINK, “Every opportunity – no matter how big or small – brings new learning.”

The managing director of Accenture’s global Technology Offering Development group oversees both the development and deployment of the Accenture technology offerings and assets that support client services and solutions.

“Fear of a new situation is healthy,” says Prett, “but don’t let it hold you back from grabbing new opportunities that may help you advance in your career.”

She believes a “can’t fail attitude coupled with relentless practicality” is an unbeatable combination when it comes to delivering results. Being an early adopter and evangelist for new capabilities has been a driving force in Prett’s career trajectory.

Even when the rules and parameters are not well understood, she believes “we learn best by doing,” stepping out of our comfort zone and trusting we learn the things we don’t know along the way.

In addition to client work, Prett is dedicated to supporting Accenture’s diversity initiatives, serving as a diversity champion for several groups within the organization, including Accenture’s North America technology group.

She also sponsors Accenture’s global women’s initiatives in countries such as India and Manila, and serves as an LGBT ally.  At the Accenture Out and Equal Summit in 2012, Prett was voted “Ally of the Year.”

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