Create the Life You Want

The hectic pace of women’s jobs and private life demands keep too many of us from focusing on personal development. “That short changes women and their careers,” says Bettina Jetter, creator of Coaching Sanctuary. “There’s no difference between professional growth and personal growth.”

She says the more women understand their desires, strengths and values, the closer they’ll get to creating the life they want – and they’ll make better leaders in the process. (After all, it’s not just a bigger job we’re after, it’s a richer life!)

How to start?

Care for and understand yourself better, suggests Jetter. Ask yourself: What do I really want? How can I manifest my gifts in the world? How can I feel more fulfilled? To get started, create your own vision board and document your goals in a journal.

There are three types of vision boards: the “I know exactly what I want” vision board, the “opening and allowing” vision board, if you are unsure of your goals, and the “theme” vision board, for when you are starting a new phase in your life.

Determine what you want and how money fits into it, advises WiseBread, while sharing eight ways to redefine success, like writing down your goals and watching your internal reactions to them.

Eliminate negative words like but, don’t, can’t, try and should from your vocabulary, says Yvonne Oswald in her book Every Word Has Power.

By Cynthia Good

“Be present to life, because life is a present.” Yvonne Oswald

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