PINK Polls

PINK Polls

PINK encourages women to speak up. We are always connecting with our community of high-powered professional women for feedback on the issues that affect them in the workplace. Check out the data PINK has compiled to to take the pulse and gain insight from women in the workplace.

When asked if they would take on a global assignment to dramatically advance their career?

84% said Yes. 13% said Maybe and 2% said No.

When asked if they feel comfortable expressing the PINK (feminine) side of yourself at work?
7% said No. 63% said Yes! 11% said Only with other women. 19% said I do now, but didn’t in the past.

When asked which woman is most likely to be successful at work?
45% said Moms. 55% said Non-Moms. Asked again, 46% said Married Women. 54% said Single Women. And 80% said Straight Individual. 20% said Gay Indivdual.

When asked if they feel you get paid the same as male colleagues?
80% said No. 20% said Yes.

When asked if they plan to retire or rewire?
26% said they plan to Retire. 74% said they plan to Rewire.

The Supreme Court recently upheld a strict interpretation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ruling that an employee cannot file a gender discrimination lawsuit more than 180 days after she accepts the wage offer. The 5-4 decision stated that without a deadline, employers would find it difficult to defend against claims “arising from employment decisions that are long past.” This infuriates women leaders, who point out that discriminatory patterns often take years to emerge. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, writing for the dissenting minority, beseeched Congress to address the issue, saying, “The court does not comprehend, or is indifferent to, the insidious way in which women can be victims of pay discrimination.” What do you think?
11% said that they Agreed with the Majority Ruling. 89% said that they Agreed with Justic Ginsburg.

When asked what is their No. 1 New Year’s resolution?
12% said they wanted to Get a Promotion or a Raise. 13% said it was to Spend more time with Friends and Family. 5% said it was to Save for Retirement. 28% said it was to Lose Weight or Exercise more. 19% said it was to Get Out of Debt. 3% said it was to Stop Smoking. 12% said it was to Get Organized. 8% said it was ‘Other’.

When asked if it Is acceptable to vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman?
82% said No. 18% said Yes.

When asked would they rather work for a man or a woman?
60 % said they’d rather Work for a Man. 40% said they’d rather Work for a Woman.

When asked if they believe they will continue to spend less and save more after the recession is over.
11% said No. 89% said Yes.

When asked if they feel their professional appearance has an impact on their career success?
3% said No. 97% said Yes.

When asked if they have ever taken a year or more out of the workforce for personal reasons?
30% said Yes, I successfully transitioned back in. 18% said Yes, my career has never recovered. 51% said No, but I might at somepoint.

When asked if they are currently in the job market?
6% said Yes, I am looking to hire. 56% said Yes, I am actively seeking a position. 37% said No, I am not in the job market.

When asked do they think the new healthcare bill will help their business?
59% said No. 41% said Yes.

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