PR and SEO Got People to Your Site. Now What?!

People Are Visiting Your Site from PR and SEO Activities. What’s Next?

You spent all of that time and effort, and probably a good amount of money, to get people to your site via search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR), but are people clicking on your links and buying your products and services? If not, you are wasting a lot of resources without getting any results!

So, what do you do? Create a great landing page!

When you direct potential, new customers to your site through all of your marketing, PR and content strategy, where do they end up?

Do they know what to do when they get there?

If not, your landing page needs an update. Here are some tips to help you turn that site traffic into actual sales!

1. Create Your Killer Landing Page.

If you don’t know what a landing page is, this is the web page that talks about want you are selling and where new customers “land” when they click on a particular link to your site. Here, you talk about a single product or service. Focus on what’s in it for your customer with the benefits, testimonials and “copy that sells” to entice people to make a purchase (or sign up for a newsletter, get a free guide, schedule a consultation, etc.). Your site should have a single landing page for each product or service you are selling.

2. Guide Customers through the Process.

When people get to your landing page for your specific product or service, you want to guide them through the process you want them to take.

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, click the “Add to Cart” button, and register for your social media site… What do you want them to do?

Once you figure this out, make it very clear to site visitors what they need to do, and make that button the only action button on that page. It keeps things simple.

3. Track Results.

Are people clicking on the action button you want them to take from your landing page?

Look at your Google Analytics to see if they are on a regular basis. If people are not taking the action you want them to take, change your landing page. Then, test the results for these changes. It’s important to regularly edit and test your landing page to get the best results possible.

Make it Simple.

Although you probably spent a lot of effort to get potential customers to your site, there is still a lot of work to do. It’s just the beginning of the sales process. Once site visitors arrive, you want them to stay on your landing page and take the action you guide them to take.

Make your landing page as simple as possible for site visitors to understand “what’s in it for them,” and how they can respond easily to benefit from everything you have to offer them. Offer solutions and value specific to your target audience and include a single, call-to-action. Then, track your web analytics, make the appropriate changes and test results on a regular basis. Then, repeat this process.

Yes, this is a lot of work. But, it’s the only way you can actually make the most out of all of the potential customers who visit your site. And if things just aren’t working, think about hiring an expert copywriter to help you. This way, you can leave the writing to an experienced professional and spend your time focusing on your core, business responsibilities!

Author Melanie Rembrandt is a published author, speaker and experienced content strategy expert who helps entrepreneurs boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, SEO copywriting and public relations. For more information, tips and insights, visit

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