Private Money Blueprint Founder Shares Tips to Grow Your Business by Helping Others

Real estate investing education doesn’t need to be scary or expensive

There is a lot of buzz out there today about real estate investing. You may have read some of the recent news about an increase in buying rental properties nationwide or have friends who are landlords. It does sound like an interesting way to take control of your money, but how do you learn and take action on this investment strategy without getting burned?

I recently caught up with Patrick Riddle, a successful real estate investor and founder of Private Money Blueprint,, a real estate investing education business, to get his insights.

Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Private Money BluepPrivate Money Blueprint's Patrick Riddlerint and how you got started.

Before Private Money Blueprint, I started investing in real estate in college. After buying my first house, getting a college degree in civil engineering did not make sense any more so I quit school to pursue my real estate investing dream.

I’ve always been a teacher at heart. I love sharing what I’ve learned through my experiences so I started reaching out and mentoring locally here in the Charleston, South Carolina area. After a number of years in the investment business, I started a blog in 2008 and that was my entrance into the real estate investing education business.

That’s when I formed the company, Private Money Blueprint, which today offers a variety of training programs on different aspects of investing in real estate. Each program is based on strategies, tactics and systems that I use in my day-to-day real estate business.

What have you done to build buzz about your business that has worked well?

I built a lot of strategic relationships with other educators in my industry who love to promote our products and services. The primary way I’ve built those relationships has been by focusing first on how I could help them.

I started reaching out and offering to do content interviews and webinars and by contributing guest posts on related blogs. I never asked for anything in return and that has proven to be very successful in developing the kinds of relationships that have really gotten the word out for us about Private Money Blueprint and what we offer.

What tips do you have for women who want to invest but don’t know where to start?

First, join your local, Real Estate Investment Association. These are great places to network and to meet other real estate investors in your area. You’ll learn a lot just being around other investors, and it’s very motivating as well to see others who are actually doing this day to day.

Also, there’s a ton of great real estate investing information online that you can access for free. So don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a course or some big seminar. Just start looking around online at the blogs and forums and different Websites, to start building your knowledge base.

What advice do you have for PINK’s audience in regards to avoiding real-estate and other investment scams out there?

Before making any investment, run it by an attorney. There’s no substitute at all for good legal advice and real estate investing is serious business, and it should be treated that way.

What do you love most about Private Money Blueprint?

The success stories we hear from our members. Whether it’s an e-mail, a Facebook message, a comment on the blog, a voicemail, we absolutely love seeing our members getting results, and that’s why we do what we do here.


Thanks for your insights, Patrick. It’s refreshing to hear that just by offering to help others, without expecting anything in return, you were able to grow your business. This is a great tool that any entrepreneur can use to build awareness for her business.

Also, there are many real estate investing education courses out there so it’s good to know that we don’t need to spend a small fortune just to start our training and become real estate investors.


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