Quick Steps to Creating an Inspirational Home Office

Working from home is becoming more popular than ever. Some people do it full-time, others part-time, and some in their spare time. However, many people’s home offices leave a lot to be desired. They might claim a small room or corner in their home, where they can put a desk and chair. Perhaps they have some storage cabinets or a printer if there’s space. But apart from the basics, a lot of people don’t think about what more they can do. Your home office should inspire you, so you should try to include some creative elements. If you want to design a home office that gets your creative juices flowing, try some of the tips below.

Carve Out a Separate Space
Not everyone has a spare room they can use as an office. But even if you don’t, you can still create a space just for your work. You’re lucky if you can have a separate room, or even if you can combine it with your guestroom. If you have to find somewhere else, it could be in your garage, shed, or a small corner of a room. The important thing is that it’s a space that works for you. Maybe you need lots of light, or perhaps you need somewhere quiet.

Think Outside of the Box for Desks and Chairs
What does a desk look like, and what does a desk chair look like? You probably have a particular image in mind for the desks and chairs you would usually find in an office. However, at home, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to choose a typical desk or office chair. Some of the quirky desks at Love The Sign might inspire you to find something more unusual. Your chair doesn’t have to be an ugly swivel chair. Pick what you feel comfortable sitting on.

Have Somewhere to Capture Your Ideas
If you’re making a creative space, you need things to inspire you and somewhere to keep your thoughts. You should consider including some elements to help you write down and display your ideas. You might have a corkboard where you can pin your notes and drawings. Perhaps you could have notepads or even stacks of postcards waiting for you to jot down anything that comes into your head.

Make It Comfortable
It’s your home office, so you don’t want it to feel like you’re at work. You can afford to make it more comfortable and personal. Put in some elements that help you feel more at home, and not like you’ve created a corporate office in your house. You might want to put in a sofa for when you have a break. Or make sure you have some cushions and throws to keep you comfy as you work.

Include Plenty of Creative Storage
Storage is often essential in a home office, to keep all your things in check. Try to make the most of the space you have, and store everything in an accessible way. You could use drawers, shelves and boxes to store all your things neatly.

An inspirational home office could help you to work harder and smarter. Choose the right elements and it will get the creative thoughts flying.

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