Redbox just released the a hot list of 15 guys to swoon over this Valentine’s Day

  1. Jacob Palmer, ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.
    Yes, I’m starting this list off strong with Ryan Gosling. We all swooned over him the second he walked into that bar looking like a million bucks in a suit matched with an undeniable confidence. And hello, CUE THE DIRTY DANCING LIFT.
  1. Kevin Malcom Doyle, ‘27 Dresses
    Was it the commitments column writing or was it singing Bennie and the Jets on the bar that made you fall in love with him? Oh wait, it was 100% his smile that solved just about every problem for me.  
  1. Troy Bolton, ‘High School Musical’
    Growing up in the HSM era made Troy everyone’s boyfriend at one point in their life. Like he sang, he played basketball, AND had a necklace to give so he was always with you?! C’MON, he set the bar high and no guy in my life has even come close to reaching that level. 
  1. Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose
    A misunderstood bad boy who bends the rules a little to have some fun? I love a little rebel behavior. And he can dance too?! Mixing some danger with some good ole dance battles really had me swooning instantly.
  1. Landon Carter, ‘A Walk to Remember
    Let’s continue down this bad boy road with my good friend Landon. His glow-up throughout the movie was incredible and there’s no one else I’d want to love me at my worst. Just one look from him and I’m like YES, COME SWEEP ME OFF MY FEET!
  1. Will Blakelee, ‘The Last Song’
    Yes, the summer fling that every girl DREAMS of. He’s sweet, caring, and would be the best road trip pal, even though his singing could use a little work. He also had some bad boy spirit in him which tbh, made me swoon that much more!
  1. Four, ‘Divergent
    It’s the mysterious past for me. (This is the 4th bad boy in a row and I’m quickly noticing a trend here and I’m not mad about it) OKAY, back to Four. Nothing made me love him more than when he stood up for himself and Tris. Four is 100% the guy that you’d thank for coming into your life and changing your world.
  1. Matt Flamhaff, ‘13 Going on 30
    I’m bringing everyone’s favorite 2000s rom-com stud to the table! Matty would do just about anything for the girl that he loves and that’s the best reason why you should be swooning over him. And hello, he saved the pink dollhouse!!! We all would killlllll to be the one that kissed him in the closet at 13!
  2. Michael Moscovitz, ‘The Princess Diaries’
    I’m a sucker for the guy that loves from afar until fate brings him to his true love. Everything about Michael SCREAMS just marry me. He loved Mia at her frizzy hair stage, her OMG what am I doing stage, and even at her I’m going to be a Princess stage. That kind of love should never go unnoticed!
  1. Leo Collins, ‘The Vow
    Channing Tatum in any movie will instantly get me to fall in love, but there’s something about Leo that makes him my number one. The way that he does just about anything to get Paige’s memory back should make him your number one too. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a shirtless Channing Tatum making breakfast?!
  1. Joey Parker, ‘Another Cinderella Story
    Hear me out, but watching this movie made me SO jealous of Selena Gomez because she was living my dream. A guy that can dance with you and show you his best moves? Literal life goals. Also, he helped pull her out of that chaotic family and that’s the kind of determination we all need to be surrounded by!
  1. Alex Wheatley, ’Safe Haven
    After living in an abusive relationship, Alex is 100% the arms of a guy I’d love to run into. He’s got that calming and adventurous spirit about him that just makes you fall in love with him the second he starts talking. And the dad vibes he gives off *chefs kiss*.
  1. Cliff Pantone, ‘Bring It On
    A punk band worshipper with a mean guitar game? I’m SOLD. There is never a dull moment when Cliff is around and that is the kind of energy that just makes every girl fall in love. Was it the mixtape he made that really stole your heart? No, it was definitely his sense of humor. Actually, it was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G he did! 
  1. Nick Young, ‘Crazy Rich Asians
    Sure his family had a TON of money, but he didn’t let that money define who he was. He loved with all his heart, and that’s all that any girl could ask for. Nick’s confidence is a force to be reckoned with too. LIKE C’MON, he didn’t even ask Rachel to marry him. He looked her straight in the eyes and ‘marry me’ and wasn’t taking no for an answer!
  1. Link Larkin, ‘Hairspray
    Zac Efron has done it again! Link is the spunky, charming, and all around good guy that you’d want to love you over and over again. He has no problem standing up for what he believes and that’s got every girl smitten. And he’s a pro at singing love songs to framed pictures. What more can a girl want?!
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