Savor the Flavors by the Bakers

Many times our hearts crave for the blueberry cheesecake with the violet color cream dripping all over. Yet there are times when nothing but a chocolate truffle cake is the only desire left. How can we forget the evenings when we just want to cheer up a close friend going through a bad break up and it’s only the pineapple flavor white chocolate cake, which can make her forget her sorrow? Not only that, in this 21st century with just a few clicks we can definitely order food online and wait for the food delivery at our doorstep… or we cheer any humbugs spirit this holiday season. 

Isn’t this amazing: Coupled with some flowers and a greeting card, one can order pastry online, to ignite the old love in a long distance relationship. Online food delivery options offer great taste along with the cherishing memories, without you going through the hustle bustle of the city life. And what better dessert other than the favorite flavors from the delicious mouthwatering ‘order pastry online’ options.

Nowadays when life is so busy, preparing a homemade dinner for a family get together is a task in itself. The idea of cooking 1-2 meals at home and ordering a delicacy as a starter and another one as a dessert, from the previously tried list of restaurants, can, not only be the time saver but also a smile giver. Similarly, if one wants to offer a meal to the kids at a local orphanage ordering “Puri sabzi” from a local restaurant, is a great option. With large orders, the order can be placed in advance and collected on the due date. It is the simple things which give us the most joy, nothing is better than the joy of giving!

Celebrations are incomplete without the cake. Those heartwarming messages specially delivered along with the cake are sure to make the birthday more special. The idea of having the surprise anniversary special cake with your better half, within the comforts of your cozy home, can make for beautiful memories. Similarly, kids living far away can make mother’s day, a little more special by ordering the cake online and sending it to the lady, who has always given them more than they can measure. Truly, love of the mother is such a gift of life, nothing can replace it. But the smile on her face upon seeing the surprise is so special.

There isn’t any need to be worried about the choice of a bakery or the flavor while ordering the cakes or pastries online because a single bad service experience can ruin the image of the shop owner. Thanks to the power of social media and the customer reviews on Zomato and other websites as well. The bakers/chefs are very particular about their service because most of them are passionate about the idea of distributing smiles and creating memories with something which they prepare with so much love. Although, the choice of bakery matters a lot over here. 

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