Six Easy to Use Resume Generators You Need to Try

Not everyone possesses the computer skills or visualization techniques to build a resume from scratch. What’s more, employers don’t expect you to. Sure, they want to see something that stands out and looks great, but it doesn’t need to be a unique work of art. 

For those who want a professional-looking resume that organizes information in a visually appealing manner without reinventing the wheel, using a resume generator can help. There are plenty of templates to choose from so that your resume stands apart without being outlandish.

Here are six easy to use resume generators you need to try for your next job search.


ResumeBuild is an intuitive program that makes resume building a breeze. It has plenty of templates to choose from, without creating an overwhelming endless bank to scroll through for hours. You can easily filter the templates based on your experience level, with options for established professionals and recent grads.

The templates offer simple formats with subtle visual touches to enhance the overall appearance while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Small icons and graphics help depict skill levels in an easy-to-digest manner.

As you work through the steps on ResumeBuild, this intuitive resume maker prompts you with helpful tips to guide the process. There are also drag-and-drop phrases and skills that you can filter by industry. 

When you’ve created the resume you want, you go to check out and download your document. ResumeBuild uses a subscription-based service, with a one week trial for under $2, and an auto-renew subscription that charges $60 for three-month access.


ResumeLab is another online tool worth exploring. Like ResumeBuild, it has prepared drag-and-drop phrases that you can use to highlight your experience and skills. However, some of these come off as quite fluffy and inauthentic, which hiring managers don’t like to see. It’s up to you to go through and replace the overused buzzwords with alternative phrasing.

One of the strong points of ResumeLab is that it has an AI-driven resume score system. The program evaluates your resume and scores it against the other resumes built-in ResumeLab by similar users. This option provides valuable insight when considering how to make your resume stand out in a crowd.

While ResumeLab is affordable at $10 per month, it comes with a downside: none of your resumes can be downloaded as an MS Word document. That means to edit your document in the future, you’ll need to pay for another subscription.


Resumup has evolved tremendously over the years. What would once allow you to download a .txt document only in the free version, now looks entirely different.

Resumup is famous for creating visually appealing infographic-style resumes. Rather than a chronological list, this service creates a colorful timeline with graphs and icons that indicate your experience and skills visually. 

There are a few caveats to consider with Resumup, however. The first challenge is that you have to create an account to build a resume— so you can’t test the system before sharing your personal information. A subscription is $20 monthly, or a lifetime access cost of $149. 


If you’re looking to keep things simple, EnhanCV is an easy-to-use online resume generator worth considering. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that other resume tools do, such as the targeted keyword drag-and-drop selections that appeal to AI-driven tracking systems.

What EnhanCV can offer is a streamlined template with basic visual elements. It’s unique because you can share a draft with friends for comments to shape your revisions. EnhanCV has a scaled pricing option ranging from $11-20. 


Kickresume is a free option with limited capabilities. However, it offers a simple approach that fits the needs of many job hunters, especially for a first job. Kickresume syncs with LinkedIn to pull data and can include up to three jobs in employment history.

There is a premium version of Kickresume that unlocks nicer templates and allows for greater expansion on job history and skills. However, if you’re going to be paying anyway, it’s worth investing in one of the other options on this list.


Last but not least, is Canva. Canva is a robust graphic design tool with a massive free database, covering everything from marketing materials to resumes and calendars. 

With Canva, you can create a beautiful graphic resume for free and edit whenever you want. You choose the colors and style, then replace the template information with your own. It’s important to note that using Canva can be time-consuming if your content doesn’t fit well within the text blocks.

These six resume generating tools have different pros and cons to consider. Find the one that works for your needs and create an outstanding resume for your job search.

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