Style up Your Little Black Dress with Jewelry Depending on its Neckline

Since Coco Chanel, the little black dress has become a staple of elegant simplicity and sophistication, and all women should have one or two in their wardrobe. Fashion experts all agree that the little black dress is probably one of the most versatile pieces a woman can wear. It can transform into any type of outfit depending on how you style it up. Today we will look at some mixing and matching tricks to turn your little black dress into a statement of style and high-end taste with the help of jewelry, depending on the type of dress you own.

1. A Strapless Dress
If you have a classic strapless black dress you know you can wear it to special events and stylish parties. It doesn’t matter how long the dress is, however. It can be of cocktail length, above the knees or in the shape of a long exquisite evening gown. What matters is that you have your neck, shoulders and arms bare and ready to style.

  • Pick a short necklace (16 to 18 inches long): you can go with a fabulous pearl choker or a statement necklace in metallic finishing.
  • Add a pair of dangling earrings or chandelier ones: it is preferable to match your earrings to achieve a composed and harmonious look. If you wear your hair long falling gracefully on your shoulders, you can also try a pair of studs in diamond, pearls or other precious or semi-precious stones.
  • A single strand bracelet and a cocktail ring (large one) complete the look beautifully, without overwhelming your attire.

If you are in favor of pearls, remember that not all pearls are white, and a strapless little black dress can be flattered by a set of pearl jewelry in lavender hues, pink ones or golden-champagne ones. You can take a look at to choose the pearl color and type of set that best match your skin tone and personal style.

2. A V-Neck Dress
A deep plunging V-neck dress is a thing of beauty, and your jewelry should enhance it even more.

  • For the cleavage, you can pick a pendant necklace with a small sparkling stone or a pearl setting in precious metals and Zirconia/diamonds. You can also opt for a Y necklace in a metal that doesn’t clash against black or a Lariat necklace.
  • Depending on how you wear your hair (long, short or in a bun) you can pick a pair of studs or dangling earrings.
  • A cuff bracelet or stacked single-strand bracelets should complete your outfit as long as you don’t overdo. There are quite some rules to stacking bracelets and rings, and you should follow them closely.
  • Pick a simple and elegant ring if you wear multiple strands of bracelets or stacked ones or an oversized ring if you wear a single strand bracelet or bangle.

3. A U-Shaped Neck Dress
If you wear a U-shape neck little black dress, you need to style it up so that the jewelry doesn’t clash with the dress but enhances the visible part of your neck and arms.

  • Go for a pearl or stones single strand choker or princess necklace; you can also try a pendant necklace with a longer chain, a Lariat or a station necklace. Of course, if you want to go the full ten yards, you can pick a massive statement necklace to really stand out from the crowd.
  • Opt for studs or dangling earrings that match the necklace in color and style
  • A big ring and some bangle bracelets complete the outfit – make sure you don’t mix too many metals or differently colored stones, beads, and chains. Even if you opt for big, chunky, and flashy and statement-style pieces of jewelry, they should all be harmonious together.

4. Close-to-the-Neck-Base Cut Dress
If your dress has little to no cleavage and begins right under your neck base, you need to know that your arms are the ones needing styling and enhancement.

  • Pick a thin, refined metallic chain to highlight your neckline or a pendant necklace that adds a bit of sophisticated spark on your chest. You can also wear a Y necklace or a Lariat even if you sport a turtle-neck type of dress.
  • As earrings go, make sure they highlight your facial feature, flatter you skin tone and are not too flashy – for this type of dress a pair of delicate studs will do the trick.
  • Your arms, however, need so eye-capturing accessories – this is why you can go with big statement cuffs, stacked bangles or bead bracelets, multi-strand pearl bracelets and so on.
  • You can also pick a big statement ring in metal, stones, pearls and other designs as long as it smoothly integrates into the overall picture.

Bonus: Long Sleeved Dress
If you wear a long sleeved little black dress, follow the above-mentioned guidelines to style it up depending on its neckline. If the sleeves are tight, keep in mind you should wear big cuff bracelets or stacked bangles over the sleeve.

As we said, the little black dress can turn into any type of outfit with the proper styling and accessories. It can take you to black-tie events, high-end parties, clubs, casual night outs and summer beach parties if you fine tune it to match the occasion.

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