Techniques our Executive Health Coaches Use to Feel Good

Have the winter blues set in? 

The team of JOYVIAL’s executive health coaches has a slew of tools and techniques they use to thrive and live their healthiest, most JOYful lives. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect at work, eat right all the time, never get angry or sad, or are always angels in their relationships with partners and children. However, they do get better by in each of these areas by supporting one another – health coaches supporting health coaches. 

Here’s what they do in their own lives: 

Prioritize Quality Relationships in Your Life

No matter who you are (health coach or not), having a person who truly cares about you, but is impartial enough to ask you all the right questions and reflect back to you what they’re witnessing, is a true gift. It creates the most fertile ground for growth.

With that said, it’s not a surprise that when the JOYVIAL Rays (that’s what our team members are referred to 🙂 come together every month to exchange ideas, we first and foremost check in with one another. We hold space for those on the team to vulnerably share when things don’t go so well and celebrate each other when they do. One process we sometimes use among other techniques is called FANGO.

How the FANGO Process Can Enhance Your Connections

FANGO allows for you and others to be vulnerable as it’s a set process questions that invites open conversation. It allows you to share how you feeling by exploring each of the below letters. This simple process can be used in any relationship to enhance personal connections.

“F” – Feeling (How dido I feel after this day?)

“A” – Affirmation (How can I affirm you as my spouse and thank you for the ways you loved me and our family today?

“N” – Need (What do I need right now from my job, my family, you, etc. in order to thrive)

“G” – God (How have I witnessed God today?)

“O” – Ownership (What should I own right now to show up as the person I want to be?)

I invite you to do this with someone you’re close to at the end of every day; or if you’re on your own you can keep a journal. What a great way to check in, better understand another person and/or yourself. You will come to love it!

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