The Cool Thing About Success

We get to choose what success is to us individually. It’s a personal thing to and for each of us. The problem is that most of us don’t choose or decide for ourselves. We allow others to tell us who we are, who to become, what to do in life and what career path to take, or even worse, many of us say we’re “going with the flow of life” and get what we get by default then complain about it. We can do better, in fact, we can unleash our excellence.

What I love most about success is that it can be created, spiritually and scientifically, based on what we say we want to accomplish.

Intentional success is created by thinking about our personality, gifts, talents, desires and what we really want to be up to personally and professionally. Then we must name and define the thing that we want and declare it into existence, followed by a series of measurable, efficient and effective actions taken every day until mastery of what we have chosen is achieved. And, another thing… many of us don’t set our intentions toward mastering our skills and talents; therefore, we remain “average” and “status quo” in our delivery of our work and wonder why we’re experience average outcomes.

Being successful is having the ability and power to make our dreams and intentions into what we want in our life and career and in the lives of others we care about and support, for as long as we want.

Before we can create anything worthwhile in our life it must be created and finished in our mind first — that is in the thought world, our imagination. Let’s choose what is ideal for our life and career and start creating a life of fulfillment and prosperity now — right now, by creating and constructing our dreams and ideals in our mind’s eye first, so they can actually materialize in objective, tangible form in our life. Let’s keep in mind that everything starts and ends in consciousness — in the thought world, in the imagination — in the mind… our mind, darling.

That’s right, true success of any kind starts in our mind — with an intention. Therefore, success is creative and not competitive. We all have within us the ability to think a thought and turn that thought into our reality — good, bad, or indifferent.

Here’s a little exercise for you. Ask yourself these questions. Think about them… then answer them for yourself in your journal. “What is important about success to me? Why do I want success? Be specific. If you don;t feel really good about what you write then write it again.

By Chloé Taylor Brown
Chloé is an executive and transformation coach with Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, LLC and a mentor, champion and advocate for women and girls.

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