Three Reasons Why The World Is Wrong When It Says Women-Led Startups Don’t Stand A Chance

At times, it can seem as though everything in life is that bit harder if you’re born female. Throughout history, women have had to fight for their rights to a voice, a vote, and even a position in the workplace. While no one can deny that things are better now, there’s still a long way to go before women’s success is equal to that of males.

Never is that more plain than when you consider the fact that, last year, only 17 percent of startups had female founders. What’s more, that 17 percent received an estimated 2 percent of capital investment into their enterprises.

It’s easy to look at figures like these and think that women in business are still doomed. In fact, numbers may be so low because women hear these facts and believe there’s no point trying to break through. But, we’re not content to lie back and accept that fate. Instead, we’re going to take a brief look at three reasons why women entrepreneurs are in a better position for success than the world gives them credit.

We know all about fighting for what we want. A look back at history should be all it takes to show that women know best about fighting for what they want. In most instances, men have opportunity placed in their laps, while women have had to fight their way to the top. And, any women who’s achieved a high position in any field will know more about fighting a losing battle than most. And, given that 90% of startups fail, a losing battle is exactly what you’ll face if you give this a go. And, that’s relevant despite what you have (or don’t have) in your trousers. But, while women are liable to meet that challenge with force, men might not cope as well under pressure. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Some funding fights for female rights. It’s easy to grow disheartened when so little capital funding lands with female entrepreneurs. After all, 2 percent is next to nothing when you get down to figures. But, all is not lost. As the discrepancies between business men and women come to the fore, many companies are now stepping up by offering specific business grants for women. There are still issues with needing to make distinctions like these. But, the fact grants are dealing with this issue is good news. After all, when was the last time you heard about a grant for privileged white males?

We know the value of equality in a team. Most female entrepreneurs have also been made to feel unwelcome in the workplace. The business world can deny this all it wants, but women are still often treated as second-class colleagues. As such, we’re in a unique position to understand just how important equality is in workplaces. Only by treating everyone in a fair and just manner can you help your team work better together. And, that’s something that someone who’s never been at the bottom would struggle to understand.

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