Three rising female designers from Shanghai share the stories behind their brands

While there are plenty of fantastic high fashion designers coming out of China, those are the ones who get all the coverage and all the hype. However we decided to profile three lesser known female fashion designers, who also happen to be amazing mothers and savvy entrepreneurs as well.

OBA by Joanna Lim

joanna limIn a nod to her Korean heritage, Joanna Lim founded “Oba” (based on the Korean phonics “Oba-koh-te”) in late 2011 as part of her desire to share her love of overcoats with other people. Often overlooked in terms of versatility, the overcoat is more than just an outer shell that changes only in accordance with rotation of the seasonal calendar. Indeed, Joanna believes that the overcoat is an all-in-one centerpiece that should accentuate an outfit, rather than conceal it. Her recognition of this niche has subsequently allowed her to create coats with beautiful silhouettes that are adored by Shanghai’s locals and expats alike. On the topic of her upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Joanna reveals that “each coat is modeled after an iconic woman in international history”. We look forward to seeing its launch in the coming months!

Find out more about Joanna and Oba here!

Petra Ringstrom by Petra Magnusson

ABOUT-us-bilderThe granddaughter of a seamstress and the daughter of a fashion buyer, Swedish native Petra Magnusson has been exposed to the world of fashion and clothing for as long as she can remember. Currently, Petra has her hands full as a mother, businesswoman and fashion designer, which is why she thoroughly understands the contemporary woman’s needs and wants; and deciding how to dress should not be one of them! Thus, the concept behind Petra Ringstrom was born. In being attuned to the needs of her customers, Petra’s  exquisite silk and bamboo creations are both comfortable and extremely versatile. Petra also understands the importance of social responsibility, and has been sourcing her fabrics from a single mom-and-pop business as a dedicated returning customer. Her generosity has enabled the owners to send their children to good schools in China.

Find out more about Petra and her collection here!

Coin Qian

2Shanghainese native Coin Qian is quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the city’s most recognizable designers, having already been featured in cultural hot spots such as Xintiandi and Xikang Road. Since childhood, Coin has been obsessed with the translation of her thoughts and feelings into oil paintings on canvas, as well as her own search for identity and self-awareness. The results of these processes are a sight to behold – her most evocative collection thus far, which is seductively named “Crimson Lips”, presents the evolution of the modern female Shanghainese identity, and – to those perceptive enough to catch it – tiny glimpses into Coin’s own unique lifestyle.

Find out more about Coin and her creations here!

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