Time For An Office Clear-out

The end of the working year is nigh, and there is no better time to clear out the office than now. You will soon be wrapping up the filing for 2017 and putting it all away in your records ready to start fresh in January. The time is perfect to start looking at ways to make space in your office for the new year so that you can come back after Christmas with a clear head and be as productive as possible.

The first thing you will want to look at is paperwork. Paper is the number one issue and can make your desk and office look ridiculously messy in seconds. Most of us will have piles of paper with notes and ideas strewn across our workspace, and this is the first thing we will want to tackle. First of all, get rid of anything you don’t need. If you have paperwork from a previous project, get it in a folder and stash it away. Next up clear your current paperwork into folders and leave them at the side of your desk for easy access. The only paper you want to be on your desk is a notebook. Stop using single sheets if you are writing little notes or reminders.

The second thing you will have on the desk is pens and pencils. Most of which you won’t even use. If you have 10 pens but only 2 which you will write with, put the other ones away or give them to someone else!

Just like in your home, you will need to clean your desk every so often. It won’t magically clean itself, and you will often find a mountain of dust forming behind your monitor and paperwork. Use a small antibacterial wipe to clean your desk every couple of weeks. It will only take 5 minutes and will keep you healthy at work.

Although you may come to work in your high heels, blazer and tight skirt; chances are you will also keep a hoodie or jumper at work for when it’s cold in the office. Instead of leaving everything at work: take it home!

The main items in your office will be the computers, desks and printer. Every so often you will need to have a clear out with these so that they can be updated or downsized. Use a storage unit like Safestore to clear the whole office to allow you to paint the walls, redo the floors and then decide what you want from your office. We all need a change sometimes and you will have to swap everything now and again.

We are all guilty of leaving a packet of biscuits or chocolate at our desk for daytime snacks. But try and resist the urge to snack by hiding your food in the cupboard or your bag instead. Also take some time to clear out your desk in case there is any food hiding in your cupboards which needs to be thrown away for good.

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