So It’s Time To Unveil Your New Product: What’s Next?

Let me set the scene for you right now; after months of research and development, your team has finally come up with your new product. It’s taken hours out of your days, but the finished article is here for the world to see. Now, it’s just a question of unveiling your product and generating as much hype for its release as possible.

How can you do this? What are the next steps once your product has been created and is ready to hit the market? In this short guide, I’ll give you some tips that will ensure your launch goes as successfully as possible.

Produce A Promotional Video
What’s the best way to get news of your product out to as many people as possible? By using the internet. What’s the best type of content for this? Video. Produce a promotional video for your product, and post in all over your social channels. This video will show people your product, and they will get a sense of what it does or what it can be used for. Highlight all the key points, and the main aspects of it that you think will influence the sale. This has to be epic, not like one of those generic TV adverts from the 90s. Make sure production is on point, and you don’t drag it out for too long.

Host A Corporate Event
Corporate events may seem boring, but they’re probably the best way of generating hype for a new product. Not only that, they’re a perfect opportunity to maybe get some interest from distributors. Invite local businesses down, and there may be a shop that wants to stock your product, and this paves the way for a few contracts to be signed. The key is finding somewhere to host your event. You want it to look nice and create a provide a professional setting for the showcase. Places like Clevedon Hall are a good idea as they give you plenty of room to host your event, while also providing a good looking setting that will impress guests. Then, create a guest list and invite companies, media, etc. to this event, and put on a show. Unveil your new product for the first time, and give them demonstrations and a rundown of all the features.

Work With Influencers
Another great idea is to work with online influencers to help launch your new product. I’ve seen this many times on Instagram where popular people are telling their followers about an upcoming release. It generates hype, and you take advantage of their large audience. What’s more, your product becomes associated with the influencers, which makes people trust your business more. Influencers can start off a domino effect for your product too. They share news about it, which leads to someone else sharing it, and someone else seeing it, and so on and so forth. All this comes from one person, which can be highly beneficial leading up to the launch date.

These are the next steps you should make when your product is ready to be unveiled to the world. They’ll spread the word, build hype, and show what your product is all about. Now, get ready for an influx of pre-orders and first day sales!

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