Tips For A Perfect Couple Vacation

Remember those days when both of you gave couple goals to the onlookers? Oh for those flirty hand-holdings and kisses as if no one’s watching! If corporate goals and household roles have sucked the romance out of your life, it’s high time you take a romantic holiday together.

Couple vacations are the coolest ways to rejuvenate sullen relationships. Happy couples make romantic holidays a mandatory part of their schedule. There are several branded resorts offering impressive packages for couple vacations. However, none but you can make the trip most memorable for both of you.

Yes, you are the best artist to draw the perfect romantic itinerary for yourself. Yet, we thought we would share our little ideas with you as well. So, here are seven ways to make your couple vacation all the more memorable.

Get up and personal. The resorts shall do their best to create a lovely romantic ambiance with roses, aroma candles, and champagne. But you must know that nothing can beat a personal effort from your end. Let your romantic heart make love to your creative mind in order to unfold overwhelming personal treats to your partner. For example, if your ladylove has her heart stuck in Wordsworth’s poetry, frame a few of his best quotes and display them in the room with the help of the resort staff. How about singing your man his favorite song in a restaurant? Ordering his favorite food and liquor will also make an intimate gesture that you care.

Live the exclusive times together. Do things you’d never get a chance to do together back home. Lie down on the beach counting the stars. Spend the whole night on the balcony snuggling and talking over glasses of champagne. Indulge in a long bubble bath without worrying about time or responsibilities of the adult life. In short, make use of time like one inexhaustible source of exquisite satin silk, as if you have too much of it to spare for each other.

Plan surprises. This time-tested formula never goes wrong. A romantic dinner cruise, a private beach date, an exclusive fireworks display, or a song dedication by a music band in a lounge is bound to light sparks in your partner’s eyes. Do you have better ideas? Go ahead! Create the abracadabra moment for your sweetheart.

Try new activities. Being on a romantic holiday doesn’t restrict you from participating in a thrilling funfair. Indulge in your favorite activities. Go for hiking, cycling, biking, rappelling, rafting, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, zip lining, or anything that you can do together. Even bungee jumping would be fun together. Take risks. Challenge your fears. Allow your heart to pump blood faster. Create stories you’d love to relate to your children. Feats achieved together will make both of you grow fonder of each other.

Take an off-season trip. Suppose you plan a romantic dinner date in a cute beachside café. You expect to spend some cozy time together over seafood and wine while someone plays an acoustic song in the background. But on reaching the café, you are taken aback by the crowded space bustling with couples like you. You may have to wait in a queue to even find a table. Save yourself from these disappointments by choosing an off-season month for the trip. The best thing about visiting a sought-after tourist town in an off-season is that you aren’t expected to do the tourist stuff. And you can enjoy the offbeat locations and activities. So, you can take a world of time to indulge, spend the way you want sans the people standing in a queue after you.

Alternately, plan your couple vacation to an offbeat destination not known to many.

Let the gadgets sleep for a while. Remind yourself of the reason you are on couple vacation. You are here to spend some exclusive time together. Do not give away even a fraction of the time to replying to the emails and text messages, or posting updates and photographs on the social media. Drop the idea of sneaking in an hour for an official conference call. Try to keep your connecting gadgets at bay during the trip. It’s time to disconnect with the rest of the world for the sake of connecting with your partner.

Eat and sweat. Do not count calories while you are vacationing. Try out new platters and cocktails together. Food can be a great adventure as well. And sessions at the resort’s pool or gym can be great fun too.

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