Top Five Apps To Make Your Morning Commute Go A Little Faster

There’s nothing more frustrating that finding yourself on a long and tiresome commute to work each morning. Whether you’re cramped on the platform of a packed subway or stuck in traffic on a bus it can be a dull experience at the very best of times but now thanks to the convenience of smartphones, tablets and the excellent range of various apps and games they provide you can make the time simply fly by. So here is a great selection of apps to get you started.

For those that remember the classic mobile-based game ‘Snake’ will be extremely pleased to revisit similar gameplay action thanks to Pixowl’s cool arcade-style gaming app ‘Grub’. The game features 19 challenging levels which sees the lovable worm Grub snack and grow his way through hordes of apples as he attempts to rescue his best friend.

If you have already skipped breakfast, then the likelihood is you are ready thinking about lunch. The deliveroo app will not only tell you which of your favorite restaurants to eat from, but they will even deliver it to your office. Can’t afford the time to visit pizza express at lunch? Desperate for a Barburrito? Hankering for Yo Sushi? Then get them to deliver it! A great way to spend the commute into work forgetting about the morning ahead of you.

It’s the number one mobile word game and the best part is that it’s entirely free to play. This scrabble-esque app experience will certainly give your brain a much needed kick-start in the morning by testing your word skills and vocabulary. You can play with friends or random strangers who are placed at a similar skill level to yourself and you can even play multiple games at once.

Still shocked by last nights episode? Wanting to compare the TV to the Books? Or simply wanting to catch-up on the latest Jon Snow gossip? You can relive or catch-up on your Game of Thrones news by selecting one of the 4 throne companion apps. With these you will be able to out Geek anyone on GoT and be ready for the hour long office discussion on what happened.

It’s easy to play and highly addictive and will most certainly help the time fly by on your route to work. ‘100 Balls’ requires you to fill all the moving cups with a number of falling balls. Cups that are filled return their balls back to the pot whilst any empty cups are removed. As you go up a level the speed increases, similar to that of classic puzzle game ‘Tetris,’ but ‘100 Balls’ does have the added bonus of being able to create your own custom-made game which you and other players can enjoy.

Photo  by Samuel Zeller

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