Using Technology To Increase Your Productivity

As a busy career woman, you will be used to juggling many daily responsibilities, both at the office and at home. One significant development that has helped over recent years is the advance in technology to boost your productivity. In some cases, technology has become such a huge part of daily life that you probably use it, without thinking about it, to be more productive!

At work, advances in technology have led to tasks being done in an easier, more streamlined way. At home, you will no doubt have lots of tech that helps you keep on top of things and that makes your life easier in terms of daily tasks.

What type of technology can assist in increased productivity? Arguably, the main piece of technology that you will use are smartphones such as the Apple iPhone. You can probably not imagine being without one now, as it allows you to do so much when on the move, from checking on the kids to calling in to work.

At home, the biggest piece of new tech to really help productivity has been devices like the Amazon Alexa and Echo. These will allow you to do things like turn your lights on, keep a note of things to buy and inform you of weather conditions, so you can effectively plan for the day ahead.

When thinking about the impact on productivity at work, there are plenty examples. Many of the major advances in this area are app-based. Popular apps such as Slack allow for whole teams to effectively work together and communicate via the app. This, naturally, is a massive boost to productivity, both as an individual and team member.

How can I use technology to supercharge my productivity? Of course, it is fine to know what kind of technology that is available for use, but you also need to know how it can help you, specifically, to work smarter or simplify your home life. Here are a few ideas that should help:

Grab a calendar app – a great tip to begin with is installing a calendar app on your smartphone. This will come in very useful for keeping track of your important meetings at the office, and those important meet-ups with friends!

Set up a playlist – there are many music streaming services out there now, from Spotify to Deezer, so use one of those to set a playlist up for the mornings. Make it something energetic that will encourage you to jump out of bed and be ready for whatever the day has in store.

Keep an eye on your sleep – whether it’s a demanding day at a networking event or a busy night at your yoga class, you need enough sleep to give you the energy to be at your most productive. Use one of the many smartwatches available to monitor your sleep and make sure you are getting enough.

Make more use of video conferencing – if you want to really up your productivity, especially at work, then make more use of technology such as FaceTime or Skype. This will mean you spend less time out of the office and achieve more in a day.

Get online to be more productive. Although the Internet is not new anymore, it is still the biggest piece of technology that can boost your productivity. A great way to take advantage of this is to use just one device on which to set up all your appointments, reminders, direct debits and subscriptions.

This will make it much easier to keep on top of all your various responsibilities, and save you time that you can use more productively elsewhere. Many people will use technology in this way to set up regular subscriptions for subscription boxes and make sure they get their goodies contained inside on time each month.

Another way that you could use the Internet to make life that little bit easier is ordering things like lottery tickets online. Many will still go to a physical store each week to do this, or even log on each week to complete their numbers. One of the best tips and tricks around lottery strategies is to set up a subscription online so that your numbers are placed automatically for you every time. This will save you lots of time and means you will never forget to put them on.

Technology is productivity’s greatest ally. If you are looking for the best way to be more productive in both your career and at home, then technology can help greatly. There is so much useful tech in the market now that whatever task you are performing, there is bound to be something to make it easier to complete. The time savings this will bring will naturally make you more productive, and as a result you will be able to get more done in a shorter space of time.

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