Valentine Fashion Tips, For All

As working women know, we all deserve to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day. This special day is one of the most romantic days of the year and it is quickly approaching, so it is probably time to start thinking about what you will wear. Whether you are aiming to keep things comfortable, sweet, or looking to spice things up with an outfit that is a little more extra, there is no such thing as too much outfit inspiration. Love E has created her own Valentine’s Day looks giving you inspiration to craft your very own outfit and have a romance-filled holiday. A few suggestions here:


Look sweet in a super flattering top with jeans and a cute shoe!


Show off your best assets. Depending on what you like best about your look, try wearing something with a high split like Love E or showing off those great legs in a mini or giving some shoulder detail. Wear what makes you feel like your most confident self.

Night Out

Planning an intimate dinner for two or hanging with your friends for Galantine’s Day, keep your look fun and flirty!

Night In

You should still feel good on Valentine’s Day whether you are planning to stay in with your love or binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Cuddle up in a cozy nightie pajama set with comfy slippers, something that’s comfortable and chic.

Photo by Laura Chouette

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