How to Wear Manly Accessories to Boast Your Feminine Look: Three Items to Consider

There are many manly things that were so loved by women that designers adapted them to the feminine population. Take high heels for instance: historically speaking, they were meant to be worn by the gentlemen. Nowadays, high heels are the ultimate statement of femininity. But women didn’t stop here. They play the same game as men, as they adopted and adapted many clothes and accessories.

There are deep and strong social, political and economical roots in women’s choice of wearing manly outfits. But times have changed and today we have the ladies rocking such items as statements of high fashion, taste, and bold personality. Let’s see three of them and learn how and when to wear it to make the best of them!

1. The Big Slick Manly Timepiece
Women wearing men’s wrist watch has become a classic in its own right. Designers all over the world understood that sometimes women want more than the dainty, feminine, flashy, small and glamorous timepieces they are offered and go for bold, massive and slick manly watches. The trick in wearing a man’s watch is to know when to wear it, how to wear it and what types of outfits to pair it with. Let’s see some of these tricks together:

  • Men’s watches are usually worn in business or casual contexts – they don’t make the best choice when you sport a refined long evening gown at a charity ball or a high-end party.
  • A man’s watch speaks about your preference for performance, attitude, boldness and straightforwardness – this is why you should also sport a thin, delicate and feminine bracelet on your other wrist to let people know that your femininity is under no circumstance suppressed by your manly ways of doing business.
  • You can wear a man’s watch with any type of business or casual suit and outfit, but if you wear other jewelry pieces, you should keep everything neat and simple: big flashy chandelier earrings with sparkling rhinestones don’t go well with a classic man’s wristwatch.

2. The Leather Briefcase
Following the trends, some women realized that the manly briefcase could and should be incorporated into a woman’s attire. The Wall Street type of fine slick and powerful briefcase mutated along the way and became a staple of modern urban fashion for men and women alike. If you take a look at the contemporary leather messenger bags for men, you will see that they sport the same refined elegance of the classic briefcase but achieved a cooler, sexier and more practical look. Do women wear them as well? Of course they do!

  • Pick a men’s genuine leather business messenger briefcase to carry your office and business content – don’t forget to pair it with a power suit, a more conservative outfit and a pair of heels.
  • You can also go for a convertible shoulder bag of manly inspiration if you are the dynamic type of woman who needs to carry her laptop and her gym outfit all in one bag. Pick one that goes with both formal and casual outfits.
  • If you travel a lot and need all your stuff together for unexpected business trips or weekend getaways, pick a larger business and travel manly bag in a mix of canvas and leather to work with casual, travel and business attire.

Women do still wear purses, and they do it amazingly. But modern women who leave early in the morning only to arrive late at night (rocking a business meeting, a gym class and a late dinner in between) prefer solid, slick and high end manly modern briefcases to suit their needs of style and dynamism.

3. The Manly Fedora Hat
Ah, Humphrey Bogart and his fedora, classy Wall Street gentlemen and their panama hats, Casablanca, the Orient Express, James Bond and the Golden Age of Hollywood – they all show that men can really sport a hat. Women do too, but if you take a look at the historical development of the hat, you will realize women’s hats are usually large, wide brimmed and fully decorated. The fedora was initially intended to be worn by women, but men turned it into a classic. Now women are taking it back!

  • Wear a fedora if you have wide shoulders, as the hat has a slightly taller crown. A petite woman can also sport a fedora as it makes her look a bit taller.
  • A wider brim fedora works great with oval, longer faces.
  • Tilt the fedora slightly towards the back or on the side for an effortlessly cool and glamorous look.
  • Wear a fedora with heels, casual outfits, skinny jeans and even maxi dresses – you need to consider seasonality and style matching.

Are there any other manly-inspired clothes and accessories you love to wear besides jackets, trousers and aviator shades?

Photo by  Prometeus

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