Who Gets Hired?

With so many women on the hunt for a new job, there are some things that human resources managers say separate attractive candidates from the rest of the pack. According to nationally recognized career coach Lori Davila, HR is looking for people who can, in short, do it all.

“They’re looking for someone who’s flexible, agile and able to handle a lot of change,” says Davila, who has worked as a career coach for companies like Delta Air Lines, MasterCard and IBM.

“They’re looking for someone who can take on lots of tasks, so if they’re hired for one area, they’ll be willing and able to take on other functions within their departments.” This, according to Davila, is due to recent mergers, acquisitions, buyouts and downsizing that have taken place in the workforce.

Want an edge over the competition? “We have to learn to use tools and technology to our advantage to keep us organized and focused on our priorities,” notes Davila.

Other HR experts recommend omitting the year you graduated on your resume if you’re over 50, leveraging connections rather than obsessing over your resume and making sure your email address is appropriate and professional.

Once you land the job, Wall Street Journal exposes 10 things HR managers may not be telling you – like how getting to know them can help your career, ways Facebook can get you fired and the importance of reading the fine print.

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By Holly Clay

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