Are Working Women Creating More Harmonious Lifestyles?

When an enterprising, savvy woman has clear intentions about how she wants her family, work and play life to intertwine and unfold, and makes a firm deliberate decision about it, she will no doubt, blaze a trail for many to follow.

When we are clear about who you really are, what we’re made of and what we genuinely want for our whole life, including the people we live, work and play with we usually meet, and often exceed our own expectations.


The key is to start living on purpose now, and not by default.


When considering your big life-game and the kind of lifestyle you want to live and creating, be true to yourself, your personality and your natural inclinations. Combine this with a set of vibrant intentions of what you truly want to accomplish in each important area of your life. Know that a fulfilled and harmonious life includes making a contribution to society. When we choose authentically our contributions will flow effortless.

Most of us don’t accomplish our highest level goals because we just don’t decide what we want. Then again, many of us don’t clearly communicate our “it” to the right people, those who may be able and willing to support our efforts in accomplishing our goals.

Don’t be afraid to daydream about your heart’s desires. Create a clear holographic picture of you living your ideal life. Who’s there with you, what are you discussing, what’s the day like, what are the sounds and smells? Write all of this down using as many details from your “vision” as possible. Pay attention to how you’re feeling. You should be excited. Now, make a general plan and list who may be part of your team and what role they will play to support you (no matter if it’s your family, work or play team), and what course of actions you and your team will possibly follow—individually and collectively to achieve your objective.

Be intentional about your main goal—the big picture, then set smaller goals for yourself and your team members. Don’t forget to include a “by when” date. Continue to reinforce the end result with yourself and your team. Celebrate each accomplishment and make sure everyone has an opportunity to win with you.

Get excited and get to work, or go play—it depends on your view.

Chloé Taylor Brown

Chloe Taylor Brown

Chloé Taylor Brown’s name is synonymous with “inspiration” and “empowerment.” Recognized as one of the world’s leading LifeStyle Enhancement Specialist and Transformational Trainers. She is a corporate executive coach, a personal excellence coach, image and brand specialist and author. To learn more visit

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