Meet Miss Atilla, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Ade by Femi


Known by her moniker “Miss Atilla”,  the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Ade by Femi is a multi-faceted  individual. She is a fourth generation lawyer, wife, mother, supply chain and compliance expert and corporate leader in the international oil and gas industry.

She is British, Nigerian and American by marriage, and reached the corporate c-suite in before she hit 30, at a time when she was at the height of her expression as a fashion creative.

As a child, she would watch with anticipation most mornings as her mother, a judge, would get dressed to go to court and tread the fine balance between wearing the most chic outfits and fulfilling the very conservative and rigid restrictions of her job, whilst raising her children. Femi was determined that even though she wanted to be a lawyer like her mother, she would also express her creative side through fashion but with much more colour. 

This, she birthed Ade by Femi out of a desire to design beautiful clothes, and demonstrate that corporate ambition need not be at the expense of one’s passion and creativity.

When she is not designing for Ade by Femi, she spends her time conquering corporate targets, pursuing her faith and her fitness journey, cooking and travelling with her husband and daughters.



Ade by Femi celebrates the bold and fearless woman, and the fact that she can indeed have it all!

Consequently, the brand glorifies the multi-faceted woman as she wins in her many, ever-evolving roles; from the boardroom to  the homefront and all the sizes she wears in between.

She can revel in her fullness; stand in her power or rest in her softness.. be a leader and a vixen; Ade by Femi pieces permit her to own her inner icon without fitting into a box! 




Each piece is hand-made by artisans using high quality, ethically sourced materials. The brand operates an individual order system ensuring that each item is created only in small batches, minimizing waste. They engage in fair trade practices with suppliers and artisans, and seeks to continue to prioritise this essential element of its ethos. 




Drawing inspiration from its own very name, which connotes royalty, Ade by Femi showed the Black is Gold collection in September 2022 during New York Fashion Week. 

The collection combines the elegance and mystery of the colour, black, with the rich hue of gold to create versatile, functional but statement-making apparel in a variety of textures, which are tailored  to complement every shape and size. 

You are invited to delve into this timeless collection, which offers opulence, dazzle and fearless fashion to the icon who refuses to fit into a box.

Ade by Femi is a cutting edge clothing label founded  in Buckhead, Atlanta. Their iconic clothing and head gear can be found at www.adebyfemi.com, where you are encouraged to subscribe for insider access to exclusive deals 



Email info@adebyfemi.com


Instagram @adebyfemi



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