Snowballs Before Beach Balls

Is Your Holiday Marketing Ready?

The warm, summer sun and fun times with family and friends are calling your name. But hold on, just a minute. Do you have your holiday marketing ready to go?

I know. I know. The last thing you want to think about is work. However, this is the time to secure your holiday marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you’ll be way behind once summer ends… and I hate to say it… it will be here before you know it!

So, with this in mind, take some time to prep for the important sales months ahead. And you don’t need to make it difficult…

3 Simple Steps to Plan Your Holiday Marketing Now!

1. Start at the end and work backwards.

What do you want to accomplish by year-end? Write down your sales goals and dream results. Think big and be positive.

Remember the famous quote from successful ice hockey player and coach, Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t, take.”

2. Be creative.Holiday marketing planning starts now!

Now that you know what you want to happen, what tactics do you need to put in place to make your goals a reality?

What fun and unique benefits can you provide that will make your target market take notice?

For fresh, new ideas, meet with your team and hold brainstorming sessions, review customer feedback and social media posts and send out surveys to get current insights on what matters most to the people who make your business successful.

What do they really want right now that only you can offer?

What solutions can you provide?

What fears and anxieties can you help alleviate for them?

Put your customers, patients and clients top of mind and give them what they want in a unique and exciting way.

Now, if you have no idea where to begin with your marketing messaging, look at what the competition is doing and do the opposite!

3. Write it down.

Once you have your new ideas and are ready to go, write down what you want to happen and when. This may sound super simple, but it’s important.

Just do what works best for you and your team so that you don’t waste time in the planning phase.

Note that this process may be as easy as creating an Excel spreadsheet with all of the projects, tactics, deadlines, responsible parties, and tentative results, and adding it to a shared file. Then, everyone on your team can access it at any time, create edits and see the latest updates.

Your Holiday Marketing is Ready to Go!

Yes, it may be July, but if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to solidify your holiday marketing plans.

Start by researching what your target market actually wants that only you can provide. Think of creative ways to market and promote your new products and services that will stand out from the competition. Write down all of the details on how you are going to execute your plan in an easy format everyone can access, update and understand at any time. Then, follow your plan!

Just keep it simple so that you get this process finished. You’ll be glad you did.

After all, you need to secure advertising and event space, travel arrangements and other, communications processes as far in advance as possible Plus, this will give you the time you need to prep your team members, assign deadlines and build excitement about upcoming projects in the months ahead. More important, you can rest easy knowing that you are prepared and that your holiday marketing is ready to go before that first snow flurry ever falls!

Now, go enjoy your summer!


Author Melanie Rembrandt is an award-winning publicist, ghostwriter, content strategist and speaker who helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs have more time to thrive! If you want to boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted SEO copywriting and public relations, get more information at Rembrandt Communications®,


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