Which Industries Still Rely Heavily on Phone Calls?

In today’s digital world, more and more businesses are ditching the phone and instead relying solely on digital communication such as emails, chatbots and social media. While there certainly are perks to these, you should not overlook the value of the phone in business and there are still many industries that rely on phone calls for business.

Home Services
Businesses that provide any kind of home service will often use a phone call because it provides instant communication. People will often look for a handyman or plumber online but then need to make a call to book an appointment.

The hospitality industry is another one which relies heavily on phones. This is, partly, because there can be a lot of complex areas that need to be addressed so often a conversation is the quickest and most effective way to do this and also a good way to build rapport with customers.

Additionally, travel agencies also still rely heavily on the phone for handling key areas such as hotel bookings, car rentals, flights, cruises etc. Travel agencies can also use call tracking which can be highly effective for determining which marketing campaigns, keywords and channels are driving calls which can help them to optimize their performance.

Law Firms
Law firms rely heavily on phone calls as a way of building trust with their clients and for easily communicating complex messages. It is much easier to create a connection and to help a client to feel well supported when they are having a conversation with someone as opposed to exchanging emails.

When you have a health concern, you will not want to wait around so a phone call is the fastest way to get healthcare. Whether this is booking an appointment at the GP, arranging a dental examination or even contacting an ambulance, a phone call will always be the best ways to do this because it is fast and it can be easier to have important questions answered.

Car Dealerships
Most dealerships now have a strong online presence but they still rely heavily on phone calls for attracting customers. A customer might find a car that they like on the company website but then make a phone calls to ask more about the vehicle and to arrange a time where they can come and give the car a once over.

These are just a few of the industries which still rely heavily on phone calls. Digital communication can be excellent in some cases, but sometimes you need to have a conversation with someone from the business for one reason or another which is why the phone call remains (and always will) so important for companies in many different industries.

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