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No one multi-tasks quite like you. But one woman – even with ambitions like yours – can only do so much. Doing it all yourself often requires giving up the luxuries in life – like sleeping and eating. Delegating tasks away will ease your workload while empowering your team.

“Once you learn to let go, you can devote more time to leveraging your skills and going above and beyond – rather than getting bogged down in busywork,” says Aliza Sherman, co-founder of Conversify, a social media marketing agency, and author of PowerTools for Women in Business. Plus, delegating builds a network of capable, trustworthy individuals who can keep the world turning when you’re out of pocket. “If everything rests solely on you, productivity – and revenues – stop when you’re out of reach.”

Ready to delegate?

Are you ready to let go? List all the tasks that you do each week, mark those that you could delegate and pass them on to a capable co-worker whose areas of expertise complement your own. Plus gives eight easy tips to successful delegation, including brainstorming, making sure they understand the task and putting together a plan action.

When relinquishing the more complex tasks, consider putting instructions in writing or setting up a training session, suggests

Test your delegation skills with this Wall Street Journal quiz.

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Sherman offers five ways delegating can jump-start your career.

By Tiffany Harrison

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”
Margaret Carty

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