One Rx for Employee Community & Belonging

Today’s professional women are more isolated and disconnected than ever, and companies are feeling the pain too. A lack of satisfaction at work, and poor employee management is costing companies $500 to $600 billion per year according to Inclusion Score. The current crisis of connection and community is clearly tied to reduced productivity and increased turnover says engineer, economist and innovator James Felton Keith, Founder of Inclusion Score, a standard assessment used for Diversity & Inclusion Insurance.

Forbes article, “New Outlook on Burnout for 2023: Limitations on What Managers Can Do,” reports that last year more than four million American workers quit their jobs each month. During that same time, 70% of C-suite executives considered quitting high-pressure jobs for positions which would reduce the negative impact on their mental health and well-being. 

Keith says companies must address this by prioritizing inclusion and belonging. He says the solution isn’t reducing the number of hours in a workweek or sleeping in on the weekend.

We referenced Keith’s work in a recent, highly interactive Stone Soup Ripple online film screening, developed to connect diverse individuals in meaningful ways. After three years and 50 of these screenings, the results are clear. Said one attendee, film Director & Cinematographer Jeremy Seifert, “You create avenues for true connection and community. Watching amazing content together online and then diving into deep discussions is a vital and vibrant planform.”

Here’s how you can do it in your organization.

  • Instead of trading elevator speeches and resumes, bring participants together for guided group conversations before and after each film.
  • Attendees fully engage, as both speakers and active listeners.
  • Those who attend have the chance to break out of established work routines.
  • Questions to the group are asked in ways that encourage everyone to share what’s most meaningful to them where they are.

Probing questions make the difference. In past sessions, we’ve asked:

1. How were you labelled earlier in life… and did that label come from you or someone else?

2. Do you hide the parts of yourself that you’re not comfortable with?

3. What is it that you feel most vulnerable about?

Why does it matter? 

The next time these individuals encounter each other, they’ll see the real person, not just a boss, colleague or someone of a certain age, race or gender. And they’ll go the extra mile for her because they know her, and they want to help.

Click for an excerpt from a past gathering. Try it on your own, and see what happens!

  • Schedule a Meet-Up, Teams or other session and share your favorite short film and a deep question. Use it as a bridge for life-changing connection and belonging.
  • Want some help?  Let’s talk!


“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

Madeleine Albright


By Christine Leuthold 

Christine is the creator of Stone Stoup Ripple. Based in LA & NY, she is a strategic innovator who creates and produces impact-driven experiences for engagement and positive change. Throughout her career she has focused her attention on organizational culture, stakeholder engagement, branding and programming. More recently she has employed film and other media to expand mindsets and build connection and belonging. Her passion comes from her conviction that a high tide floats all boats, especially in today’s world.

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