The Business of the Big Apple: Should You Consider Furnished Office Space in NYC?

As with any big relocation, the expense is in the setup. Moving house can cost a great deal because it takes a lot of time and tweaking before things feel comfortable again. Moving into a brand new office is no exception. It is a very expensive affair as everything from the furniture to the décor, utility providers, cleaning facilities, and more needs to be prearranged.

For a small business, this inevitably means lost opportunities. The longer it takes to get a venture up and running, the more money it loses. It is one of the reasons why so many companies start life in significant debt. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to minimize this enforced downtime and get your business on the right track from day one.

If you rent a fully furnished executive office, for example, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a ready-made corporate suite. Keep reading to learn more.

No More Downtime
When you own a business and plan to move in a city as fast-paced as New York, there isn’t a second to spare. The markets here and diverse and dynamic but they move at breakneck speed. Consumers are fickle and, if you don’t hold their attention, they’re apt to move on to other brands.

Having the ability to move into a ‘ready to go’ office is a huge asset. It means that, even while your team is settling in, they can still be working and chasing sales. Visit to check out the executive offices in Manhattan.

Instant Credibility
Normally, relocating to a new office comes with all kinds of big decisions about décor and design. Office architecture is becoming an increasingly important part of brand narrative and, if you want to tell the right story, you’ve got to start with the home base.

By opting for a fully furnished suite, you hand this responsibility to a team of expert designers with a wealth of experience in commercial renovation. These offices are sleek, sophisticated, and offer the type of aesthetic which is associated with high-end multinationals.

The Lowest Rates
Many of the best executive suites in central New York City are also serviced workspaces. This means that they come with cleaning, lighting, heating, broadband, and other utilities as standard. These features and more are included as part of the monthly rental fee.

Not only is this an easier way to manage a workspace, it also helps to keep costs down. When you go fully furnished, you’re not responsible for any issues which develop with the furniture, décor, or building. If you have a problem, you can expect it to be solved with haste.

Plenty of Room to Grow
Once again, most high-end serviced providers operate out of large facilities. They contain a substantial amount of private suites, each built to cater to a slightly different type of business. So, if you move into one and grow much quicker than expected, you can upgrade your space.

Similarly, if the market declines and your profits dip, the option to downsize and strip resources back is there too. For small businesses, this flexibility is vital. In New York, the economy never sleeps and the most successful companies are those which can keep up with her whims.

Why Fully Furnished Means a Faster Start in 2017
The main reason why some businesses shy away from fully furnished suites is a worry that it won’t feel like it truly belongs to them. However, serviced offices are highly flexible. You can choose, very precisely, what kind of features you want to be ready when you arrive.

So, if you’d rather use your own ergonomic furniture, you can. If you’re just looking for a space which is clean, warm, and fully decorated, you can ask for a workspace without prearranged items. The point is that serviced providers are committed to helping you get what you want.

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