12 Bonuses That Don't Break the Bank

Bonuses that Don't Break the Bank

These noncash ideas for recognizing a job well done can still pad the pocketbook – or boost a career.

By Corey Hajim

1. Stock Options. Giving employees a piece of the pie can go a long way.

2. The Goods. Deeply discounting coveted products like clothes, technology or travel helps them save where they need it most.

3. Public Recognition. Employees get a rush from being called out in a public forum for good deeds.

4. Free Passes. Gas cards, gym memberships or gift certificates are less expensive than a cash bonus.

5. Extra Vacation Days. For some, there is no better reward for working hard than not working.

6. Flextime. With gas prices hitting the roof, award telecommuting flexibility, such as one day a month or a floating day.

7. Career Development. For a star employee, a leadership program at a top university or time with a professional coach is a big perk.

8. Out-Of-Pocket Gift. If you get a bonus but there is no trickle-down to your direct reports, a spa gift certificate out of your pocket could mean a lot.

9. A Retreat. Let a high-performing team organize a team-buildingretreat that includes a fun social event.

10. Title Upgrade. A better title will give a big boost.

11. Opportunity. To a go-getter, more responsibility is recognition of a job done well.

12. Free Parking. For a commuter, on-site free parking for a year could offset high gasoline costs.

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