16 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make This a Great Summer!

Make the most of this summer. Here is a questionnaire, created by the JOYVIAL executive health coaches, to give you a clearer vision of what a great, healthy summer looks like for you, your family, and your office. 

Start today. Your summer depends on it…

Happy Family, Happy Summer

  • What would be truly a great family vacation? Our coaches suggest blocking dates on your calendar and start booking. 
  • Are there concerts, theatre performances, festivals or other events to see? Get the tickets now! 
  • What does a great summer look like for our children? Their vision…not ours. How can you help them create a vision and take steps to live their dreams?
  • Would the children value one-on-one time? If so, you can block a day or an afternoon with each of them individually to connect in their preferred way.

Happy Me | Happy Marriage & Being Single

  • What would make this summer super memorable? 
  • Do you want to get away with your girl / guy friends for a couple of days? If so connect with them, set a date and start organizing. 
  • How do you best love on you, your spouse? How can you make sure you both feel heard and loved more than ever? 
  • What is one shared life vision you haven’t achieved yet? How can you make progress together this summer?
  • Check out great trips for singles to see the see the world! 

Happy Body

  • Weight loss: If you want to lose weight what’s your plan? Intermittent fasting, less sugar, more nutritious meals, more movement or a combination? Decide and set the plan in motion. 
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated keeps you slim and alert. How will you remember to drink water when hungry or thirsty?
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner: Which meal is the least nutritious right now? Find a better long-term solution and set it in motion. 
  • Now feeling happy: Vitamin D is a great way to improve your mood. Can you squeeze in more healthy pool time this summer? 

Happy Office

  • How can you, as a leader, show you care about your team and help them make their summer special as well? (Office events, summer hours, casual Fridays, bring your puppy to work, etc.) 
  • Set yourself up to truly enjoy vacation without working while out of the office. Yes, it’s possible! 
  • Motivate your team and all employees to take vacation as well showing you care about their wellbeing.

“But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.” The Beatles


This is what the JOYVIAL executive health coaches are good at. Their guidance in all areas of your life can lead you too to living your vision of your healthiest, most JOYful life in half the time with better solutions that fit your life.

“Working with my JOYVIAL health coach is exactly what I wanted. Her experience and intellect bring a richness to the discussion that lead me to conclusions I wouldn’t make on my own. I’m so thrilled I made the commitment. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.” 

Would it be helpful for JOYVIAL to support you on your journey to living your healthiest, most JOYful life? Learn more about JOYVIAL at www.joyvial.com or simply send an email to [email protected] to schedule your free discovery session. If health and JOY are important topics to you, make sure to like and follow JOYVIAL on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for all the latest health and wellness tips.

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