2020 Style, All Year Long

It’s not only a new year, but a new decade and as we set our intentions for our personal and professional goals, don’t forget to set your style goals and tone for the year. Since light travels faster than sound, people see you before you open your mouth, so its important to present how you want the world to receive you and perceive you. Dress how you want to be addressed and here are three tips to get you started with having amazing 2020 style all year long.

Tip No.1: Take Inventory of what you have in your wardrobe
Your closet is the foundation of your wardrobe so good style starts there. You want to clean, organize and purge anything that is no longer serving you in your current lifestyle.  If it has been washed a hundred times get rid of it, if it doesn’t fit you properly anymore remove it from your closet  and life. And finally, if you haven’t worn it in over two years and you know deep down you are not going to please, please get rid of it.  We have this idea that we need a lot of clothes in our closet and if we get rid of stuff we wont have anything to wear, but statistics say that majority of people only wear 20 percent of their wardrobe anyway.  So, if you purge you can really see what you have and build on that, than having a bunch of clothes that do not work for you and you aren’t wearing.    

Tip No. 2: Decide how you want to show up in the world
You want to identify your style, decide what you want your style to say about you whenever you enter a room. You want to showcase your best self to the world.  Part of   your personal brand is how you dress and carry yourself, it’s not the clothes, but how they make you feel and how others feel about you when they see you.  People see you before you speak so give them something to remember.

Tip No.3: Set your style tone
Put together style you want to showcase. You can do this by taking time to put together different outfit combinations of clothes you already own. We call this shopping your closet, pair that skirt with a sweater/blouse you never tried before. People have a tendency of wearing clothes the exact same way they bought it instead of mixing and matching different pieces to create multiple outfit combinations. Don’t pair everything with black or neutrals, add prints and pops of color, create a totally new look. There are so many great color combinations you can do such as orange and navy, or burgundy and green, pink and red and so many more.  You mix and match, try different combinations and silhouettes, see what works, some will and some won’t, but you wont know unless you try. By doing this a whole new wardrobe can be created.  As well as this helps let you know what you may need to go shop for so example you may have a lot of great tops and now need more skirt and pant options, or you have great clothes and need more shoe and accessories.  Majority of pieces in your wardrobe can be used to create 3-5 different outfit combinations if you just know how to style it, so experiment and come up with new looks. This is where an expert personal stylist can help expose you to all you can do with your wardrobe and help you shop for new pieces that will maximize your assets and minimize your flaws, saving you time and energy all while being convenient to you. You can contact us below for a complimentary style consult and we would be glad to help you get started with having amazing style all year long.

By Evonya Easley Founder/CEO, Love E Fashion

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