28 Ways to Grow Your E-Mail List

Ways to Grow Your E-Mail List

Build a relationship with clients and prospects via your newsletter – but first you must get them to opt in.

By Anna Yeaman

Three out of four leads won’t buy from you within the first six months. E-mail marketing allows you to nurture those prospects until they’re ready. To have a shot at building that relationship, you need to encourage them to opt in.

So how can you start or grow an e-mail subscriber list? Here are 28 strategies my clients and I have used:

1. Transactional e-mails. Make the most of your transactional e-mails by adding an e-mail sign-up link. In a survey by Datran Media of 2,000 marketers, 63 percent said they plan on integrating marketing messages into transactional e-mails this year.

2. Tradeshows/networking events. Make a note on business cards of contacts that have chosen to be added to your e-mail list. Try sending a follow-up e-mail to new contacts, and mention your newsletter as a way to keep in touch. Also, try having a raffle/contest at your next show. Not only will it drive traffic to your booth, but it’s an opportunity to collect e-mail addresses from anyone entering. Let entrants know they will be added to your newsletter list.

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