3 Ways to Increase Online Sales in 2022

As a growing number of businesses begin offering merchandise for sale online, the competition will become even stiffer than it currently is. Even when catering to a local market, it has become necessary to offer this service because consumers are shopping online more as well. Perhaps it is the result of a global pandemic and maybe it’s just easier to order online and schedule a delivery or pickup for items they shop for regularly. Whatever the case, the need to offer online sales is there, which makes it abundantly clear that new ways to increase sales need to be explored.

1. Make the Checkout Process Easier

One of the biggest complaints consumers cite is the difficulty they have checking out at some online stores. While the shopping cart itself may be the problem, that isn’t the only issue. Some people simply don’t have credit or debit cards or maybe prefer to pay by eCheck with their banks. If you, as a merchant, don’t offer direct debit from a consumer’s bank account with ACH payments, you could be losing out to businesses that offer that feature. 

ACH payments make it easier for customers and as a bonus for you, they make it easier and safer on your end as well. Companies like Envestnet | Yodlee offer a faster processing time and the security of account verification that reduces chargebacks due to the fraudulent use of credit cards.

2. Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Oddly, many local businesses don’t understand the importance of marketing simply because they are local and cater to a local clientele. While some local residents may know of a certain business and shop with them often, many people aren’t aware of what they have to offer. Local marketing can open many doors you have yet to reach.

This is going to be especially important if you are opening up sales to an online audience. Not all of your sales will be local, so there is the whole of cyberspace to draw new accounts from. By expanding your reach, you can grow your sales and marketing is how you do that.

3. Get Social

It could be time to do a bit of branding and the very best way to do that is to engage your audience through social media. Let them see who you are as a brand and that you have what they are looking for in terms of customer service. That’s also a big need in today’s marketplace. Another of the biggest complaints circulating out there is a general lack of customer care.

Even a Facebook page can help you grow your customer base. As more and more consumers begin to follow you, their friends will begin to take note of your business. The one thing to be aware of is that you will need to keep the conversation going on social media. Don’t post without answering any comments or questions. The ultimate reason you are using social media is to be social, so always answer any questions as quickly as you can. By focusing on the customer, you can increase sales in 2022 and beyond. It really is all about them, after all.

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